Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unexplained Hunger

I have this ongoing hunger sensation, which is stronger than real hunger. The urge to eat, when logically, I should not need to eat.

This has been a problem all my life. I was grossly obese as a child. I have been on a diet, loosing weight, or gaining weight all my life. Each yo-yo has been greater than the last. this is the seventh or eight loss cycle, each of the previous were shy of 100 pounds, this one has been 55+ kgs.

I have a long list of things that this hunger it is not, including hyperinsulinemia, thyroid, carbohydrate addiction, omega 6 addiction, emotional eating, wheat addiction, gluten issues, drugs, and the usually suspects. All your references are familiar in my search as to the cause, but there must be something else that is driving the hunger.

It has been tough going through life with something like mild Prader-Wille. I try to follow a Paleo diet now, with little fruit, and a wide group of vitamins and minerals, but I usually spend two three hour periods hungry. I have been searching for something to relieve the hunger before I get tired of it all and go back into a eating cycle again.

I would appreciate any other ideas as to what may be going on. The best medical advise I have got is learn to live with it. and a long list of thing it is not.

I also have other issues, leaky memory, low impulse control, and low human contact need, but everybody has something.

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