Thursday, May 19, 2011

Change of lifestyle

A major change of lifestyle has been the major factor in my recovery from obesity. The major change has been to go to a Paleo style diet.  No trans-fats, sugar, grains, seed oils, or manufactured eatable products would go a long way in cleaning up this obesity epidemic. Other issues like food addiction, hyperinsulinemia, and no impulse control would then be obvious. Eat real food that would be recognized 100 years ago. Fruit, mainly in local season.

Some Paleos also exclude all or most dairy, and legumes. Reference: Loren Cordain

There is a second way in dealing with hyperinsulinemia, and that is to cut insulinogenic foods: sugars, grains, seed oils, manufactured eatable products, dairy, legumes, and fruits. When we remove the excess insulin, we can see the leptin, and gain the leptin effect. Also chew a Vitamin C tablet after meals, as it aids in satiety and satiation

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