Sunday, May 29, 2011

Separation of self into two components

In Carnege, it is appeal to the Noble motives. In OA, it is a concept of god. In Bernstein it is separation of mind and body, the mind doing service for the body, the body doing service for the mind, that allows for more strength to do what we could not do previously. The idea of the mind doing for the body, desiring and instructing only the necessary foods, while the body supports the mind. The idea of a two identity, symbiotic relationship, as Dax in DS9, is not something that ever occurred to me before. A bit of a twist. Each identity doing for the other out of respect and protection, avoiding poisons, raises eating decisions to a noble plane.

To look at it another was, I have an old sick dog, that a little food keeps alive. I am not concerned about the dogs wants.  I need something like 2 eggs for breakfast, a can of fish for lunch, and perhaps 112 gm of meat for dinner. Add 2 cups of stems, shoots, or leaves and a bit of dressing, or a 150 ml of roots and you have a Bernstein day, more or less. If I can feed the dog, why can I not feed myself just that prescription and ignor the hunger?

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