Friday, November 30, 2012


We can break overeating into chemical / endocrine issues, and behavioural issues, some of which are true compulsions, while others are habit or emotion / (psychological learned behaviours)  reaction in some form. An individual may have one or all of these problems.

For some of us, we find that most 'one size fits all solution' do not work, likely due to not addressing the real problem.

If we are chemically addicted to exorphins, it is essential to remove all the exorphins from our diet (wheat, dairy, nuts, oil seeds), and perhaps reduce the base input components to us building endorphins, like fructose. Like wise if we are addicted to exocannopioids. We need to eliminate the exo, (weed and the like). Keep sugars and things that turn into sugars low, and omega 6 oils low, to reduce the endcannopioids as well.

If we have insulin / leptin issues, we need to keep sugars low, and protein to the inappropriate level, and make up the energy shortfall through fats. There is no other logical choice but perhaps Sharma can find a drug.

Now lets turn to behaviours, as know the above, it is logical to comply for our health, regardless of what other uniformed/non accepting of the research people say, but it is your choice.

There are those like Kessler that think we have a choice. If you are in our addiction, we do not have much of a chance to chose.  There are those to, who will not acknowledged addiction. Often as they consume there caffeine, nicotine, opioid, stimulus, depressant, dopamine fix, self generated serotonin. They are unwilling to accept the obvious. Oh well. We always have dis-tractors of the problem, that pull us into one of the dead end tracts that make work for some of the less severe cases.

The behaviours are more perplexing to deal with. Substitution of one unhealthy compulsion for a less damaging one is one method of solution. (Schultz) That my be why I write now. It sort of works, except when I get frustrated at an idiot who will not do it my way, damn it. Then writing down the situation, and figuring out exactly what I feel, an inventory of sorts, helps and is also a psychological strategy.

There are those too, who have weight issues, that simply do not know what to eat and get sucked into the carbohydrate / insulin overshot / hunger cycle, which I see as a separate problem. It can become mixed in. Understand the problems, and the solution becomes easier to see. (Taubes)

There are those who deal with food reward problems (Guyenet), and those also get mixed in and become intertwined with any of the forgoing issues, making separation difficult and time consuming. It is only possible by much self study. Eating only for energy, no social eating, and celebration eating, all low reward bland food may also help. Keep the food pushers at bay. Avoid those temptress foods. They are evil.

Each think the understand the problem, but they all are like the four blind men feeling the elephant. All describing only parts.

There are those of us that use food to get us through jobs ( fill in the word) that we hate, but do only for the money, duty, security, or lack of choices. There are those of us who eat because we are low energy, and are trying to squeeze more that is possible out of our days. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

General Discontent

General discontent rant warning: if easily offended, go away now.

General discontent with the media food information, and especially weight loss information, is about how I could describe how I feel today. We were out for dinner last night with a person who makes this clear. ELMM philosophy, without realizing that a 1/2 hour of "exercise" makes less than 10% difference, and she feels energized after, while most overweight people feel drained after. We do not want to do it, and it is just draining.

General discontent with the political and medical community for lack of support for recovery, and the lack of useable advise. Someone would need to figure out that general discontent for the situation is one of the feed back loops that drives obesity. Discontent with the education required to make a living, and discontent for the meagre living most of us make, but then there are the few who have the right talents, and are in the right place at the right time, with the right attitude, to do well, financially. Some of them are vial humans, and some so far in debt that they are loosing at treading water. 

General discontent with how life turned out, with my likes and dislikes, and with my career. There are those who say follow your dreams, and take off, leaving the siblings looking after ageing parents. Perhaps it is duty, and to whom duty is owed, and to whom it is not. And all the bullshat, past tense?

General discontent can be a motivator, a reason to change things. There are things around me I can change, no more radio in the truck, no TV, no newspapers, just to much crap in/on them. No more putting up with the ignorant people who know less than I do about weight control; they can have there opinions even if they are wrong. Doing something against our will does not improve the situation.  

General discontent with sorting real information from opinion, and the verbose mode people, who take pages or much time to say little, and then miss the point, oblivious to the fact that they were in the wrong. I refer here to a car accident store, where the verbose driver-storey teller overtook a car turning left, and caused the accident with considerable harm to the other vehicle and driver, but was never charged due to rural police or something, and was totally in the wrong, but could not admit to herself that she was even years later. I never said a word about step 8 harm. None of my business.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How much Protein

How much protein do I need?

Short answer 1 to 1.25 grams per kilogram of lean body mass. Bit more if you are growing, athlete, or child growing.  Ok, now what?

Recall that BMI = weight in Kg / Height metres squared. So if we plug 18 as your LBM BMI, then 18 times your height squared times one is a first approximation.

Small frame female LBM BMI ~ 16

Large frame female 20. Males are 2 or 3 more, so, males
18, 20, 22 are typical, but some will argue that these are too large. Note that I have used 1 gm/kg. So, if you feel that is not enough, use what you like.

I also note that for me, excess protein drives hunger faster, and makes it difficult to stay on a diet. How about that; the opposite of what is often said in the media, and Dunkin diet. But then that is excess protein, not just a normal protein and nothing else for one day a week.

Day three started of no caffeine. Decaf tea is not so bad, but it would be easy to say that it gives me a headache, but then I know it is really caffeine withdrawal... Damn catholic church, supplying teas and coffee to Europe, and getting the population hooked on the shit. And then lying that it was good for us... more marketing to line their pockets. It is all about the money, power, and politics. They are just a massive meme system anyway.

But then what do I know. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How many Carbohydrates?

How many carbohydrates do I need? Notice that We would be approbate in place of I, but the food Gestapo may be watching.

Without looking further I have concluded 75 grams/day plus or minus 75 grams/day. Note the large spread, but in the low end. Eskimos get along with very little, but they eat more protein. It depends if we are eating excess protein or not, and all those things that drive glycolysis - the liver producing glucose. Glycolysis is the liver adding glucose to the blood supply.

So what drives glycolysis, and why is that important? Well, the liver does not store that much glycogen to split, perhaps a maximum of 30 or 100 grams of glucose, 120 to 400 calories, depending on our physical size. When we run low on stored glucose, we have an urge to eat, and if food is available, we, the obese and exobese, will likely eat. We are a self selecting subgroup of the population. If we are on low carb, and in the morning, we may not have much glycogen on board in the liver.

So what causes a demand for glucose that the liver must react to? First stress, anger, frustration, pressure, conflict, any negative reaction causes adrenaline; epinephrine, to the Yanks. Also note that outside the US, a Yank is any US person. Also some other "emotions" boredom, fatigue, also produce the same effect. Good old fight or flight response, whether we chose to fight or flight.

So how much carbohydrate do I need? well there is a "self test" that can give an indication, Maffetone two week test. A copy can be found here 

This is a good method of getting your personal number, and it changes over time, as we become better fat adapted. Atkins Induction Phase suggest 20 gm/day; Richard Bernstein, 30;  Mark Sisson, 50; I personally like about 75 grams of cellular carbohydrates.

Now one more thing; acellular vs cellular carbohydrates. Acellular are without a cell, aka sugar, ground starches, sugar is aquas solutions, and similar, are absorbed quickly and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, and insulin. These are pure evil, and should be essentially zero in my diet, however trace amounts are not a big issue, say less than 5 gram lots.

Enough already. Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Diet Information

One more place to find bad diet advice, Overeaters Anonymous, or more correctly, no advice of use. There are not into providing information, only a method of arresting the problem, maybe. It is a philosophy, a religion, if you believe it and practice it, can provide some relief while you practice it. OA does provide a social setting, a network of support, but do not speak out of their box at a meeting, or face lynching.

It does aim a biased light onto the problem, and it does offer an no questions policy that can be useful, but not for gathering nor spreading real information. OA does offer a framework for cleaning up our life, but nothing much with respect to real information about the food or obesity problem. Some people say it stops development of the emotions, but that is not what I have found, but then, I do not believe in a god, but in chemistry of food and psychology/philosophy for the mind. It is to this "change in thinking" that the works or crudely points, but in the 1930 religious meme thinking.

OA, itself, is a meme system, and if you believe, it can help, but not cure. We need a cure, and until then, I will use the OA system.

But what is the connection between adrenalin producing situations and overeating?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Populations

We humans are living in a time of excess food, and our bodies are preparing for the expected famine. We have considerable excess digestive capacity. This generations need is far less that even the previous generations. In addition, our food supply has become contaminated with appetite stimulus - exorphins and exocannabinoids. We have a cultural lipophobia and miss-information.  

What happens if we mix two populations with one characteristic different, and then look at that population as one population, and study the characteristic?

Lets say, for this exercise, we have two organisms, one that has preference to burn carbohydrates, and a second that preference is to burn fats. What will we expect the data look like, in terms some measure of health, measured in terms of probability?

Now what if we put the human situation in this environment
a) population energy need, normal distribution
b) carb centric food recommendations, large left skew
c) fat centric need of some (most, all, ) humans, large right skew

Solution: get over this culture of lipophobia, eat good fats, attitude adjustment, sound food information ---> seperation of facts and marketing carbage, all at the individual level.

Potters five

importance of K2 A D

Harry Potter's Five Steps

(1) Prepare for the challenge.
(2) Surround yourself with support.
(3) Engage in positive self-talk.
(4) Focus on what's at stake.
(5) Take appropriate action.

But before this, we need to identify the problem, and believe there is a workable solution. But thanks for the outline of this part. More positive thinking stuff that cannot work without unlisted parts.

When I was grossly obese, I knew I had a problem, but I did not know what it was. I was driven to food, and could not follow any reduction diet. The available information did not address in a useful way my problem, and actually was causing my problem. I was insulin resistant, and always hungry. I need to be on a high fat diet to get out from behind the hunger eight ball. I also must not eat any exorphins that drive appetite, and hunger. If you are preparing for a weight loss battle with a sugar rich diet, and you are an obese person you are going to lose. You will also "lose more weight from chemistry than physics" (thanks, Tess).

By the way, Monsanto has released some more evils onto the world, and some are exorphins and poison for humans. They are becoming the human nemesis.

Problem identification is really where the difficulty is, along with the attitude adjustment necessary to maintain. We need to identify all the stress ors in our lives, and learn to deal with all of them. We will also find our support requirements change, and many of the supporters become detractors as we change to what we need to be, and need to believe to survive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A great power

Soy / Corn GMO foods supply
Remove GMO,
sugar beat, soy, corn, cotton seed oil, rape, canola, aspartame, dairy foods IGH,  etc

Note: this is a lecture style, so those who want first person can do what ever.

The world outside of myself is a great power, much greater than myself. Organic Chemistry is a Power greater than myself, which I am not going to look at much. This post is not for people with arithmophobia.

It is my opinion that there are a set of human metabolic rules that generally meet reality. It is up to us humans to discover these rules and codify or record these.

As I adapt to new technology, some scribing will occur. But anyway, the above sketch shows two possible weight loss plans or philosophys. Sharp curves in the graph indicate changes in diet, smooth curves indicate body reaction. "A" curve is what should theoretically result from a two stage diet, a reducing diet and a maintenance diet. 
Curve "B" is what should result from a maintenance diet for life, set at a new level. Adjustment can be made to really set values.

There are a number of issues that will come up. Two things must happen parallel, adopting a diet plan and an attitude adjustment. The attitude adjustment will be found at and this blog will deal with the food issues. 

The requirements of diet, (the food program, for those who do not like the word diet), must be able for me, us, to stay on for long periods of time, life, at least 90% of the time. As there are 21 meals per week, call it 20 for easy figuring, 5% per meal, 2 meals off track. A word of caution though, if we overeat 1000 calories, and are trying to short 200 per day, you have lost a week in progress. Cheat days, meals, and the cheat attitude are a problem, so 100% compliance is ideal, or perhaps 3 or 4 "big meals" per year is liveable. 

Hunger can be an issue, so I suggest MCT, coconut oil, as an allowable snack nutrient to start with. The nutrition must deal with hunger long term.

To beat this problem as far as I have, I have had to learn about the digestion/metabolism of food, the human need for some, lack of need for others, the main food related hormones, and understand which foods are banned. Banned food are none of these, ever, foods, (SGO6EEH), and are often white. The why  of this RED LIST FOODS may also help keep us off them. I do not believe in moderation in stuff that causes problems, aka poisons.  Then there the addition of amber food list that are CONTROLLED QUANTITY foods, in which the poison is in the dose, and the essentially free foods, within reason, GREEN list, which typically are green. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


A useful video:

My take on this is sugar is evil, fructose, glucose and lactate. We need none of these.

Wheat (and barley, rye) has three strike against, gluten, high caloric density/low bio-available nutritional density as modern processed and modern cultivars, and it is in appetite driving exorphins.

Protein in excess is damaging, better to be under than over.

Set carbohydrates as starches with high fibre, greens, perhaps a few stems and roots. 30 to 70 grams per day, enough to avoid sever dry throat.  Set protein at low but adequate level. Vary weight by controlling the fat.

Avoid hormone rich meats, factor pork and chicken. Avoid exorphins, endocannabinoid, omega 6 rich foods, processed foods.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How much?

This is just a reminder nag.

Set carbs as low as possible, protein at about 1 gm per kg of lean body mass, and fat controls the satiety duration.

Appetite is driven by fructose and glucose being consumed. Keep then near zero. Any carbohydrates being consumed should be complex fibre and starches, mainly cellular.

How much carbohydrate do we need... very little. Eskimos have zero in there traditional winter diet, except if they snag a piece of several varieties of  seaweeds, and caribou droppings, occasional Arctic hare first cycle droppings if they scare up the hare before they have finished. Note that the Arctic hare eats lichen, and then eat there own droppings, a two pass system, to get the nutrients out.

Fructose, glucose, and starch are caloric equivalent but metabolic handled far differently. Fructose is entirely nearly processed by the liver,  circulating concentrations are 1/1000 of glucose. Glucose mostly passes through the liver, and is circulated, where insulin drives it in cells that can handle glucose. Insulin resistance, aka, diabetes results when the cells are overfed. Insulin also controls storage of fats. Carbohydrates are absorbed at about 20 grams per minute from aquas solutions, while proteins and fats about 2 gm per minute, and from mainly the small intestines, each in there own section mainly. The large bowel allows bacteria to digest the food, and some is then absorbed.

Protein is mainly broken down in to peptides, and then absorbed. A few small proteins (gluten) can sometimes  slip in and cause problems. The proteins are recombined into what is needed or some can be converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis , along with any damaged proteins, glycerols, and some other stuff. 

Fats are either stored or free fatty acid (FFA) is burned for energy.

Adrenalin and cortisol gets dumped to the digestive system when that are digestion problem, or demand for energy. This has some effects; we tend to eat when tired, stressed, frustrated, bored, anxiety  not because of shortage of energy, but because of excess adrenalin and cortisol. Not good for us who have food issues.

So go find a job you like that is peaceful, satisfying, easy, pays well, is close by to avoid commuting and computing, and carry on... if you can find such a thing any more...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Growth Hormones

Are we consuming growth hormones in the food we eat? In the beef, in Canada, growth hormone is banned, and is used with less than regularly. In chickens, I understand, it is fed to some, for a while. In the factory pork, for sure, it is added to the food supplements.

Do we get a bit of it... probably. Is it a factor in obesity, well maybe it is the reason that lean BMI's have increased, and maybe it contributes, but it is one more straw to grasp at. Exorphins are far bigger reason. Perhaps I should say no SGO6EEH.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The leading cause of obesity in rats is scientists.

Blowback or Blow back, I do not know. The dictionary defines it as unexpected consequence. I do not think it is unexpected, but is just unwanted. If one says anything not well received by the recipient or others, who take offence at the statement, blowback can be expected. With some people in my life, anything I say will cause blowback. Solution: spend no time with them, say nothing.

Buddha said that all speech should true and intended to be helpful. Where the recipient like it or not was of lesser issue. It should not be delivered if it likely to cause offence. So what about the idiot who is preaching wrong facts on the internet. Should one speak to them, or just accept that this is one more wrong idiot? I, personally think a light poke and expect blow back or ignore the whole thing are the two choices, in life and in virtual life.

My comment in Yoni's blog got me trying to create a rule to deal with garbage on some of the good blogs.

  "Nothing wrong with wheat. Yummy, yummy wheat! :) " 

It is that Yummy part that proves exorphins and the wrong reason for eating wheat, the taste sensation driven eating that a major obesity driver, combined with rapid digestion of much of the readily available energy, and insulin high rise, fast storage, rapid redevelopment of hunger, the worst food for anyone dealing with weight issues. Wonderful tasting poison for the less informed, or those who chose to ignore the known facts. It is in the knowing that make it a bad food choice, until then is is an uninformed choice. It is knowledge void that must be addressed.

If there message is generally good, then a light poke and expect blowback, but if there is no redeeming value, delete, or next---> and carry on, I think. Some blowback can expected as a rule in the future.

Attitude Change

Tess's comment got me thinking about yesterdays rant a bit more.

My attitude, when I was not working on the weight was always "the other factor" in my obesity (beyond SGO6EE). I expect that this will be found to be true in the future. There is a problem with the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude, when it comes to life and weight. We humans like food a bit to much, likely a gene based characteristics. This attitude, combined with abundance of food in general, sugar, starches, seed oils and exorphins has led to the obesity problem. As long as the greed, self driven, and belligerent, non teachable attitude remains, the weight will remain. Is obesity the unintended consequence of  the "we can do whatever we set our mind to" attitude being carried too far?

The world will knock sense into us, if it does not kill us first. When we are young, we can carry the weight. As we get older, however, our joint take a lot of damage, Glycination of cartilage, and need to be unloaded. That simple. It has to become food is for energy only, not other reasons for consumption. As long as we are blindly driven, neither looking calmly backwards, and considering the next move forward, we are doomed to carry on, without change. Yes, reflection is required. Now is the only time we can change. The future is changed in the now.

We cannot use food to overcome the low energy, to get the last bit of "awakeness" out of the day. We need to accept enough, and lay down. The difference between "adequate rest" and "well rested" for me is about 1.5 hours per day. Greed and drive wants that time to "produce", which, as I consider, is largely wasted on this generations the current thief of time, the internet and/or TV.

It comes to priories. I must have clear priories. Wasting my time on the unteachable belligerent "full speed ahead" group does not make the cut.

Another time waster -->