Saturday, May 14, 2011

By The Numbers

In order to understand weight loss by the numbers in detail, there are papers by K Hall and C Chow ( that are detailed calculation methods; however, suffer from a common problem of simplifying assumptions and variable evaluation. I have tried to estimate a few of the variable values on myself, and found some interesting results, on the extreme ranges of there values. My CD,caloric density, (C/gm) for fat appears to be about 7, and for carbohydrates 5.0. How about that, one low, one high.

Other numbers that show up, BMR (base metabolism rate) is approximately 22 C/kg/Day of lean body mass. With a BMI (body mass index) (w/hxh) of 18 or 20, we can estimate a lean body mass. In my case, use 20, height of 1.78m, LBM=63.4, BMR= 1394 C/Day.

Total energy required is equal to BMR + exercise energy(EE). No wonder I cannot control my weight, I am eating to damn much. The computer programs lie, saying I should be eating 1800 to 2400 per day. More wrong information to overcome.

There is no room in the calories budget for indulgences like sugar, grains, oils, manufactured eatable products, wine and chocolate.

The total energy in is the sum of grams of CxCD+ FxCD+ PxCD and that must be less than BMR+EE. Since EE is variable, and generally small in my case, if I were to eat BMR only, my weight should come down on a long slow curve. Now how can I eat so few calories and not be hungry?

Note that satiety is just post meal, not duration between meals. It is the space between meals that fat provides that allow us to use calories up. Note that when the C/t, calories divided by time, to the next meal is less that your BMR, base metabolism rate, we are loosing weight. That is a test before lunch and before supper. (meals of this size cannot be called dinner) Satiety is at the end of the meal, our ability to push away from the table. Early nights, early rises may also help.

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