Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Personal responsibility for what put into our bodies is the only way that we, as individuals, can operate and survive. The government and corporations have their interest as their driving force. This is true from the Canada Food Guide, through speed tax (photo radar), municipal bylaws that control development, to road signage. A mix of public safety,  but mainly about the money.

We are in a symbiotic relationship with those around us, and each is striving to get a bigger share. Such is the relationship of my mind and body. The body more food, the mind wants more carbohydrates.

We are responsible for what information we choose to believe, and why we believe it. As a professional in a different field, I realize all too well that our field of knowledge is severely bounded, often limited by our ability to acquire physical data, to do a test to determine a value of a mathematically derived "property", that if it existed would make the calculation simple. What we know is not the complete story.

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