Sunday, May 29, 2011

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LoBAG - Low BioAvailable Glucose diet removes all carb dense foods from the diet, If it were paleo or archivor then that would describe it better. Limit the protein to about 1 gm to each kg of lean body mass, set the carbs (eat mainly stocks, shoots, and leaves) at about 50/4- B12, s6, L12, S6, D12, Total 50 as R Bernstein, 65 gm P, 12, 6, 20   ,6, 20 Total Calories about 800+200+ fats. The 800 includes 500C of fats. 

R Bernstein, Diabetes Solution, Pg 49, ~~ insulin resistant ~ therefore ~ high insulin stores BG as fat and glycogen, BG continues to rise, insulin continues to rise, cell unable to get glucose ~ therefore hunger remains.

Yes, yes. Today my BG was 6.6, and I was hungry like bear.

Iron shortage can cause craving.

A video likely to become a Low carb cult classic

Fat summary at

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