Friday, June 28, 2013

Now that obesity is a disease...

Now that obesity is a disease...will someone find a solution?

To find a solution to a problem we must first define the problem(s). Obesity is not one, but a series, and so far, few are looking in the right location. Beyond the carbage being promoted as food, there is a systemic problem that is being ignored. 

Eastern, Stoic, and older western philosophy, as philosophy was defined in Stoic time, the art of living well, sought to reduce or eliminate "desire". Modern philosophy seeks to satisfy desire. When we apply this small change to our eating habits, we get obesity.

Our human desire for food is naturally stronger than our need, to provide for time of famine. But enough is enough, until it becomes excess. Nothing succeeds like excess, or should that be nothing exceeds like excess.  Our desires need to be throttled by reason. But full on satisfaction of  desire make a population of consumers, and that is the problem, not obesity. Obesity was a symptom which has become the enemy, but in reality, we have seen the enemy, and they are we.(Pogo)

But what do I know.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peter's Hypothisis

Peter is out to work out the proof of what I know to be true for me.

No exorphins, acellular carbohydrate, endocannabinoids, dairy products, FRUITS, fructose, sugars, grains, or excess omega 6 oils. Have at it, Peter, it need to be done, but will the government listen? No. It cannot, without liability. The best we could hope for is for them to stop pushing sugar and carbohydrates. 

Oh, well, shit happens.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Research shows... and yet

As part of a group of "compulsive overeaters", I think that there is a correlation, but not necessary a one that will show up in the mass population. Everyone of us is obsessive about food and other thing in our lives. We are obessive-compulsive people, but few of us are sufficiently severe to be diagnosed with OCD.

Most of us also use our obessive-compulsive nature for our work...our other unbalanced portions of our lives where we enjoy and spend time, after recognizing the problem. This is not our only common problem, but a frequent one, to common for no connection. Until we recognize that obesity is not a single problem but a group, and address each and every single problem, I predict there will be no solution.

Mild obsessive compulsive thinking can be handled by the relabel, reframe, refocus, revalue method developed by Dr. Schwartz ... 
His first book, Brain Lock, helped me a great deal.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Addiction Stages

Is some obesity a direct result of a food addiction? Yes, it starts in children, and is persistent through life. A major change in lifestyle and diet is required, and even then, the weight is difficult to keep off, due to cravings and urges. For most of us the cravings and urges are internally generated, in addition to chemical in the foods.

The cause is likely over or under production of one of the hormones. Serotonin, opioid, dopamine, and endorphin are frequently sited, as is insulin, adrenalin, cortisol, leptin, depending on who is talking. It can be a receptor issue, or over utilization, high need, or other problem, including protein shortages, missing vitamins or minerals in the diet. No one has a clear answer, or there are more than one issue. It can also be a behavioral or process addiction.

The names for the problem run the range. Some say it has comorbidity with personality problems, emotion problems, non-copping skill issue and/or OCD. Anyway, compulsive overeating, as it is often termed is likely a misnomer for some. Food addiction, where it is a chemical in the food that causes the problem is one version. That is the easy one, leave out the foods and get on with life. No sugar, wheat, acellular carbohydrate, omega 6 oils, dairy or other foods containing exorphins, artificial sweeteners or flavorings... AKA Paleo, Primal, 19th Century.

Or is it a behavioral addiction, which is separate from a issue with addictive behaviors, which are problems of immediate gratifications (PIG's) which are low impulse control issues. Then there are the persistent habits, and natural responses, instincts gone awry, of we humans, in a world which has changed beyond us. We, the organism, are not adapting to our environment. No wonder we are not progressing, we are not talking about the same problem.       

After a temptation arises, we have a choice, to use or not use, that is the question. If we choose not to use, perhaps we need to go away, to remove ourselves from the temptation, go do something, or become involved in an all engrossing activity, what ever that is, to lose ourselves into. I cannot hang around open food. It is torcher, touchier, or how do you spell the agony. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Temptation Stage

When we odd people look at some foods, smell some, see advertisements or pictures, our mouth waters, and we desire. For some of us it is real bad, drooling like a retriever or a Newfe  (wet mouth dogs) as we walk through a grocery store. The images are causing serotonin, opioids, dopamine or endorphins (SODE's) to be released in our brains, causing the effect. We need to learn to moderate this effect. Thinking of these items as non food stuffs, poisons bait, brown lumps of shit, what every we need to think, just to get through.

Food can be divided in three groups, stuff we dislike, stuff that is neutral, and the stuff that causes us problems of excessive desire. We people who suffer from excess food desire, trying to just survive without obesity, usually eat only the neutral stuff, but even those are not safe. Frequently someone has added something, "to make it better" and that starts the drooling, wanting more cycle.

Is this a behavioural addiction, addictive behaviour, habit, or a real chemical issue which has no name, no treatment, and is rareish, or never talked about? Is this a shortage of a SODE, or a problem with a receptor, hedonic adaptation, or just a moral gluttony issue, or mild Prader-Willi like issue. I was born obese, grew up obese, lived obese or on a diet all my life, and nobody has answers. I have dabbled in diet, low carb, nutrition, OA, smart, therapy, numerous "treatment", most of which helped, including the old philosophers methods, just change the impression to putrefaction. (Read the Stoics for more explanation if desired.)

None of this is normal, but then I am not alone with this issue. Over the last 30 or so years, I have met hundreds with this issue, and have watched as many ballooned and died off from heart, liver issues, DMT2, and complication of obesity, and yet it has no name, no diagnoses, and others say it is not a real condition. Nicotine helped, so lung problem were also common as I (we) used smoking as self treatment. The end of rant.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Food Reward - derogatory concept

I find the term Food Reward a derogatory term. Reminiscent of Skinner...rats. Is the guy calling me a rat? The term just turns me off, even though it may be technically correct, if the food desire, or food habit uses dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, or opioid circuits to force us to eat.

The real issue is the trace amounts of these that are found in all/most processed foods and naturally occurring in many more food stuffs.  Avoiding these is near impossible, and at times impossible unless I can cook for myself. Those of us who have high sensitivity to any of these must struggle against them, and those who push those foods, or return to the obese, a miserable place to be. The disease portion may be high sensitivity to these natural chemicals.

The temptation portion of the food world is the most troublesome. With other addictions, it is less, for we can get out of the life that promotes drugs, But every grannie, female friend without the obesity issue is a food pusher. I cannot have some foods in the place else the will be consumed, in too large quantities. It is a PIG. Problem of Immediate Gratification.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pope ... Bullshit


"throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry".

What a crook. This his attempt, based on the catholic church guilt trip philosophy, get there corporate objectives met. We all operate from our own philosophy and priorities, whether intend to or not. Our true philosophies and priorities are only seen through our actions, not our speech. The spoken words are what we would like or beliefs, values, philosophies and priorities to be. 

Wasting food from the plate is waste, better than eating it.  The actual benefit would be in reduction of consumption, live a life of moderation and frugality, hence reduction of food prepared, however, all this has nothing to do with starvation. Most excess food is wasted, because no one wants it enough to pay for it, or even harvest it in some cases. 

A nation or region must be able to support the population, or it is over populated. QED. Starvation is a direct result of overpopulation, which is a direct result of resisting birth control, fostering big families, and similar growth propagating concepts of religion, and similar cultural institutions. Not dealing with reality leads to stupid decisions and concepts.  China and non-thesis of North America dealt with the problem... birth control. Now it is time for the remainder of the world to pull there head out of where the sun don't shine and get on with life, either zip it, or deal with the reality. 

But what do I know.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food Addiction

Is food addiction real or just a habit? Either way, it is difficult to overcome. Does the recover depend on if it is addiction or habit? No. Is there a clear method or philosophy of recovery / overcoming the issue? There are several, none complete, but combined together... maybe.

First it is a series of decisions, that must be made, until the habit of proper behavior is established. The first is it is my responsibility and duty to recover / break the habit. I have a choice, eat or use, and it is this choice that I must make on a frequent basis.

Eating can be considered to be spartan meals, that which is necessary, nothing that causes a rush of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, or any other I like this chemicals. Limited carbohydrate, and reasonable amount of protein, green vegetables and perhaps a root each day. Anything more is using.

I will try this philosophy for a while and see if it works.
added later      From     Definition of addiction requirements

1. Tolerance as seen when an individual consumes a larger quantity of a substance to reach intoxication or a desired effect; or when a person experiences a markedly diminished effect when consuming the same amount of the substance
2. Withdrawal as demonstrated by a withdrawal syndrome or taking another substance to alleviate or avoid withdrawal symptoms
3. Consuming the substance in larger amounts or for a longer period than the person intended
4. A persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to reduce or control substance use
5. An immense amount of time is spent on efforts to obtain, use, or recover from the effects of the substance
6. Because of use of the substance, participation in social, occupational or recreational activities are given up or reduced
7. Substance use continues despite knowing that a persistent physical or psychological problem is likely to be caused or aggravated by using the substance