Monday, May 9, 2011


More evidence showed up that we “easy to fatten” have been marks to the food industry for a long time. They do not have public health uppermost in there minds. The food industry is corrupt, with corrupt marketing, and much is owned by old tobacco money. How do we know what information to trust?
Overcoming addiction is tough. Tobacco was the easiest of the three that I overcame. Sugar was next, and next easiest. Wheat was tough, I craved for about a severely for about year. Withdrawal included bad headaches, different from low glycogen headaches. Both wheat and sugar creep into my food occasionally, and result is intense cravings. Both are everywhere. With sugar and wheat generally gone, I dropped 55+ kgs. Manufactured oils, or Omega 6 oils also appear to be addicting, or hyperpalatable, but it is difficult to cut to 2 gm/day as it is everywhere.
For the record but I did not save the source 
It is proposed that chronic hyperinsulinemia is largely responsible for hunger, cravings and weight gain observed in many obese. This form of obesity can be treated by decreasing frequency of daily intake of carbohydrates to one well-balance meal each day and allowing for additional meals that are low in fat (I am assuming low in added fat), low carbohydrates and high fiber. Animal experimentation and epidemiological evidence support the role of chronic hyperinsulinemia as a major factor in obesity and accounts for the frequent failures of diet and behavioral modification programs. Chronic hyperinsulinemia upsets metabolic balances and favors anabolic metabolism; fosters carbohydrate cravings; promotes insulin resistance which further promotes anabolic metabolism; and insulin resistance in turn exacerbates chronic hyperinsulinemia. This vicious cycle maintains excess weight and defeats diet and behavioral modification attempts to treat obesity. An eating program focused on reduction of chronic hyperinsulinemia coupled with appropriate exercise and behavior modification can successfully and permanently bring down cravings, hunger and body weight. ( but he has not done it)

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