Monday, May 30, 2011

Social Delusion

Being hunger free for life is a social delusion, not real. It is my expatiation that I will be hungry the remainder of my life, if I am to maintain this weight loss.

To day Yoni of Weight Matters discusses a paper that indicated that change in lifestyle, work, is the cause of obesity (more non physical work). Work, exercise raises BG through glucogenesis (from glycogen) and gluconegenesis (from protein). Keytones from fat are also produced, for muscle food. Hunger is sometime related to BG, and light exercise reduces hunger for a while, until glycogen storage is reduced. Duh. Backwards.

Now it is a mater of adjusting the human organism to its new environment. We can obtain some relief by returning to old food sources, modern paleo, archevore, primal diet. Once I consider myself as a symbonient mind-body, it is easier to see that hunger is just a body feeling and can be ignored or manipulated. freedom from hunger is just a social delusion pushed by others.

There is a great flow chart at , but without division at the multiparty split points. Add Lustig, and fructose goes mainly to fats as storage, and fruit and alcohol look similar.

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