Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So why do I overeat?

So why do I overeat? This is the basic problem that I have been struggling with for some time without finding a satisfactory answer, but a lot of hypothesis. So lets examine the scientific method that works so well for learning.

use of the scientific method:
  • Ask a question. 
  • Conduct background research.
  • Construct a hypothesis. 
  • Test your hypothesis in an experiment.
  • Draw a conclusion by analyzing data. 
  • Communicate your results so they can be checked and validated by your peers.
  • If it holds up, your conclusion becomes a “theory” or a “model” for others to leverage.
There is a decision in the middle of this process that is missed, the negative outcome after the testing. if the test results show no a negative result, abandon... well in the true science, we would right it up to provide guidance to future lookers, that says this did not work. But we are missing something about weight loss, the body is 24/7, while the mind, our controlling fraction is something less, and at time takes a nap. The mind is not in ultimate control, but just thinks it is.

The only solution is to eat less, move more. We do not want to here that, but what we eat can be debated. We need to be able to do this, the proof is in the doing.

So all these hypothesis as to the cause are irrelevant, we still need to be able to stick to a starvation system; our hunger may be less on low carb, maybe. There is no help in this matter.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Schultz, OCD treatment,

Schultz, and his OCD treatment scheme, third person thinking, do not seem to have an effect on the desire to eat. That is not to say that they do not work, they do not have a big effect, although the way of thinking does alter the perceptions. Perhaps I did not "do it right" or something, but doubling down on something that does not seem to have a effect is the typical diet mentality. I am not finding any effect.

Doubling down on diet changes do not help if I am unable to stay on the damn diet does not help.

There are some bad words that I need to talk about, worship and faith. These are bullshit religions concepts that have no place in modern society and religion is the home of snake oil salesmen. Proof must be presented before any decision is made with respect to life. Any transaction in which god is brought up is more suspect. Loans to the religious increases the provability of default by a factor in one study shows. Now where did that go? 

We should worshiper nothing but truth, with evidence. Faith is something without evidence. Over the years I saw many foundation built on "assumed soil bearing values" which is faith based design, and numerous failed. There is nothing to work with there in repairs, It is just do it over, with real values this time. Worship and faith are concepts that should be abandoned along with gods, souls, afterlife, and similar supernatural and uneducated concepts. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Can Fred live in the third person?

Would it be easier to live in the third person if I gave myself a different name? It would be easier but untrue, and likely less effective. The whole purpose of this exercise is to examine the OCD treatment proposed by Schultz, and to learn to live in the observational perspective of the third person. This is said to generate a clear minded perspective of any situation, like overeating. understanding the desire to eat as a over-driven physical need is not sufficient to stop. Fred needs to learn to ignore this physical need and do something else. It is all about self management up to the limit of extended endurance, but not beyond. Breaking the body leads to mental problems and escape-ism, and we do not want to go there. 

But perhaps I also need to describe the other analogy that Fred perceives here, the problem of over management, that is the problem of management taking up to much of the available time, of resources. We see this occasionally in second generation companies, and always now in government. Over management. They are spending so much time in controlling people, and trivial behaviors, there are not enough resources left for what is actually required. Trump is a good example of this problem. He sees that there is too much government, but is unable to decide what is actually required to reduce the size of government. It needs to get out of the lives of people and set only directions based on facts, real items, and on personal desires like religion. Women's health should be between the women and her doctor, end of life issues should be between the patient and doctor. Reduce regulation without imposing the beliefs, not facts. Something will not go the way we want, oh well, but the cost of management will be manageable.

As the population grows the perceived need for management grows faster. This suggests that at some point, the cost of management, and the population size get out of control. We are over in both accounts.  Here is an example of a useful law that is just too costly for the government to implement:  . Just too much government.

Do we run into the same issue within our own human self? Exercise, food prep, person stuff, home cleaning and maintenance, computing, commuting, retraining, upgrading, recreational, and work all take time. And we need sufficient rest time as well. Are we at or beyond our personal durability? Do we need to do less, or do something different? Elimination of things out of our lives is always a choice, just like the government needs to simplify, but without losing life quality. The first thing that should happen is dumping of all religion in favor of the Church of Alternative Reality... The church intent on the domination of all other religions... or at least provide a alternative to ... based on reality... aimed at improving mental health, health in general and providing reasonable modern guidelines to life, fully aware that some things are up to us, some are not. Wrong. Trump and the US worships money and/or rich people, beautiful people, and popularity. God does not exist so they believe they worship an concept, mainly in the head of the believers. This is just goofy talk. 

Perhaps it is time to take Fred to the garage to address some spinning wood or something.  


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Is it Just OCD

Is this problem just OCD? (obessive, compulsive disorder) If it is OCD, the treatment is as Jeffrey M Schwartz describes, relable, reattribute, refocus, revalue, or some similar named steps. That is call it OCD, it is all OCD made worse by the chemical imbalance of intake, go obsess about recovery or something else, it is still just OCD and it does not matter. The solution is redirection of the OCD toward something useful and not damaging. Displace the behavior with a useful behavior.

The urges can safely be ignored and get on with life, The urges do not matter. That is easy to say, but when we are hungry, have the urge to eat, and food is ever present, then what is the expected outcome? The bloody urges, combined with hunger always win.

The solution is see this all from the third party preservative. It is not the I view, or I the receiver, but I the detached observer, that gets all the information and make objective decisions. Detached observer, the mindfulness observer, that observes the issues in a detached environment, that needs the information. Dispassionate. What the body wants is not part of the decision making process. That is the act of taking the decision to eat or not away from the body, and giving that decision to the rational mind of a third person. Is this what a belief in a god actually do; take the choice out of our hands and give that decision to a prescribed book or other control? 

Mindfulness is a clear minded outward perspective, a third person awareness, on inner awareness. Detached. Seen from a distance, taking a step back from our emotions. As soon as we are aware, the attachment begins to loosen and can fall away. So that third person view is necessary. All this takes the decision making away from the lower brain, the emotional part, and gives the decision making to the higher brain function. All well and good, but how does one live in this high brain and shut down the lower brain function? Metered meals. So then it is all about staying on a diet anyway.

To stay in that no-self mode, in mindful third party mode, is the difficult part. Schwartz says everyone is capable of going into this mode, but offers no evidence of that. Sustaining that third party no self is not so easy. With food issues, that detached no self mode must be maintained 24/7, with no reprieve. Yet we also need to work and do life things.

So all this suggest to me that we are all taking about the same thing, using different words to describe, using different concepts to understand the same thing, when the solution lies in objective thinking, not in the self layer. Yet it is the self that must do what is right, what it values and what it needs to do. So we are back to the dueling brain that causes all the issues, and the only solution, just do what is right to do, and damn or shut down those body urges. This is what a gay must go through trying to live straight.

So Schwartz now recognizes the need, for his program to work as it was intended, one must be in this third person objective. Neither of his early books make any reference, for he, a third party to OCD is in that mode automatically. So the missing part is to learn to live continually in third person thinking, just as with work. My history suggest that I am capable of third person mode, but not continually. Sustained maintenance of "3rd person mode" is something that I find difficult.      

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Homeostatic Imblance

Homeostatic, the body' ability to maintain a constant weight is just broken in my case. I gain period, unless I am losing. Zero carb or very low, and I stink and gain, unless I am hungry all the time. Add carbs and I gain but the ketosis goes away. The  last solution was walking two hours each day and eating enough to maintain only light hunger for four years. It was a miserable existence. Add a bit more food to hold the gain to 1 kg per month, existence was still miserable but not as much hunger. Three years has passed, and now I am 35 kg up. It is time to turn the process around again.

Homeostatic is an concept; it does not exist in my world. This is like god; it only exists in the mind of the believers. So what is necessary to drop back into that hunger state that I can lose weight? 

I cannot walk for two hours each day now. My right hip is near gone, and the pain would stop me.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Realist vs Atheist

So high blood sugar is one means of reaching a euphoria state for a bit of time. A relaxed zoned out state. Sugar is the fastest, fruit not far behind. Dairy products also push this along. A good tasting tuber, or grain, usually with butter also help this along. So why would we not overeat? It seems that one third of the population never learned this or it does not happen to them. My contention is that overeating is normal for most of us as we were trained into overeating by the diets provided in our youth, and of course, persist today. So why is it so hard to change? We first need to desire to change, and secondly, more importantly, we need to change our human environment to foster lasting change. As this is not about to happen universally, many of us are doomed to suffer a long slow overweight death. 

Our human environments are largely controlled by the people who are remote from us but who's outreach extends one us. Yes religions, as those cast a net, a cloud, over all of us. That is not to say that we must react to their whims, but so many do that when we cooperate with those great clouds, we are drawn along with the group. Once we realize there is no god, we find ourselves still being drawn along with the population. Do you have any idea how deeply in our language and thinking religion is entrenched?

So our common beliefs, often refereed to as morals, are so evasive. Those of us who are stepping out of that mold start recognizing things like the anti-racist movement for what it is, like religion, is an effort to not looking at reality. On average, the blacks are not as well educated, not accustom to the educated among the population, they, on average, place less importance on education, and on whole the blacks perform less "educated" in life. The orientals are all about education and using that education to prosper. White are between, but many recognize that education of some type help the process of success in life. More is attitude in life. This is not racist but fact. But the anti-racist cannot see that, they only see racists when someone crosses there way of thinking, just like religions. We all get trapped into this false tunnel vision. Breaking out is enlightening.

It is becoming obvious that Neanderthals were the first peoples in north America now. The DNA project pointed at this, but left the calling out of this to others. That fact alone may point out why Canada has such a native people problem bring them into modern life styles. Up until now, I have attributed it to there society and unwillingness to accept reality of the times. It take considerable force to turn the ship off shore, just like our own eating reality and direction. It is not just reality but what we think is reality, and what our body says should be happening.

So our attitudes and opinions that keep us on course, even if we are coarse. We do not examine our attitudes and opinions in the detail we should, and when we do, we find ourselves at odd with the world in many ways. We get tired of swimming against the current, and against our own instincts, in a world without compassion or understanding. Many of us just stop caring and allow ourselves to drift with the current, even when the current of the world is just wrong. We take the odd swipe at the big wrongs, and let the others just pass by, unacknowledged. In the end we just die anyway.

Virtue is the only good. Knowing what is right and doing that, a stoic truth, must the foundation of our ethics, but I digress. Enough.