Saturday, September 29, 2012


"In short, omega 6 fats are made into natural endocannabinoids, our own happy cannabis compounds. Smoking a ton of weed is associated with: hanging out listlessly on a couch in one's parents' basement watching Yo Gabba Gabba AND the munchies."

.... So it it our fat that makes us have the munchies ? .... a vicious circle, once we become heavy? .... is oil and fat consumption the easy way out ... Shangri-La Diet ... 

After Hunger

If we were designing a energy system to run on either fresh fuel or on stored fuel, before switching to stored, it would call for more fresh fuel. Failing to find more fresh fuel, it would start to switch to stored, while finishing the fresh fuel. It would also start to conserve energy. There is one more twist, short term storage of some rich fuel for quick stoking. This would also start to depleat a bit first, before switching to store.

This implies that before we can expect to burn fat, to any large amount, we need first to pass through hunger. This is not consistent with the "hungry? then eat" concept of today. In the previous times, it was "hungry? to bad, wait until dinner" or the next meal. Not only do we to pass through hunger, but we also need to use up a bit of glycogen. Hunger is just fuel signalling. We should treat it as such, rather than something to avoid.

Do seemingly small changes in philosophy add up to obesity of today? (together with abundance, salesmanship of the food industry, new novel food products, etc.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

commercial prepared foods

I was out yesterday, and the day got away from me... long... time for lunch. So I wheeled into Safeway, got a bit of beef and bean salad... reasonable lunch... or so I thought. An hour later I was ravenously hungry... WTF.

Well, I have been eating fresh vegs and protein for lunch, so I did not think the quantities were out to much. But hunger what, not enough fat? but is it the sugar in bean salad?

It was about 150 grams, slightly more than a cup. Now how much sugar could it have? If we take sugar and vinegar and make a paste about as thick as the drippings, it is mostly sugar. So that is what is going on. Sugar and vinegar, not good for the diet or hunger.

I note that glucose and fructose can be absorbed at the rate of about 10 to 12 grams per minute... duh... that is 5 to 6 complete blood glucose exchanges, Sugar is 50% glucose, about 1 gram of glucose in the blood, so it is leaving the blood equally as fast. That take a lot of insulin. So when the sugar runs out, there is excess insulin, but why does it last so long?

No more prepared foods for me.

The other issue is doing a project that I have no interest in is not good. No enthusiasm makes the day long. Oh well, this could be the last of those, and it will soon be finished. Now what?

I thought when I retired, I would have lots to keep me busy, but along with the work went the desire to do much. Not what I expected. Today, I just do not care to do anything.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Banexorphin ... sounds like an organization dedicated to the removal of exorphin from the human food chain.

Exorphins are one of the primary causes of the obesity epidemic. There are being concentrated and added to processes food products right here in River City.  Yup, processed meat products. How about that. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Primary rules of weight loss

It look to me that there are two primary rules of weight loss, that must be followed for weight loss to occur. When I was losing, I was following, but not knowing why, or even a clear statement of the rules.

First, that the intake of exorphins must be near zero. This reduces hunger and cravings, possible compulsions as well. Exorphins are a group of proteins, that break to peptides, that trigger the feel good cycle, or simple food addiction, reward cycle (negative expression), or what ever we call it. Dairy products, wheat, artificial sweeteners, alcohol,  chocolate, sugar, fruits are the typical. This leads to appetite reduction, longer satiety, quicker satiation. There are only three things to adjust, quantity of food, actual food (quality) and frequency of eating.

The second is like unto it, no or very little acellular carbohydrate, for they trigger the fast storage rather than free energy available for use. These include sugar, wheat, grains, pastas and the like. Small amounts of starch occasionally may not be an issue for some. This keeps insulin low.

After these two are followed, it is possible to eat less food than we actually burn. Transgress either of the above rules, and all I can say is "I wish you good luck". There may be some who can, I have not yet met them.

Many diet "do these rules" due to avoiding or severely limiting dairy, cereals, starches, and fruits. We may individual have threshold limits for each of these, but I doubt that many have a threshold less than zero.  I hope I will continue to lose again, as the hunger is gone on day three. 


Exo ( exogenous ) + endorphins ( endogenous moprphins ):
exorphins are the brain's opiates that's found in food, outside the body -- maily in gluten-rich wheat and dairy-products. They contain opioid peptides-influencing endorphin-receptors. These peptides are physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness. 
'Zombie food', is food high in exorphins that are responisble for food addiction and compulsive eating.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nix Exorphins

In order to follow a diet, two things are necessary. No exorphins and no acellular carbohydrates. Once that occurs, calories or rather bio-available energy, calories minus non exercise thermogenenis, becomes the accounting for weight change. Now fat burning produces more non exercise thermogenenis than carbohydrate burning. The body then adjusts for the energy. something like this

But there is slop between wasting heat and conserving heat, but besides me cares. Hystorisis.


Exorphins are a group of chemicals that occur in food naturally or may be added which mimic endorphins, the pleasure hormone. In short, we like them, we want more of them, we crave more of them, we will seek them out, and consume them. We have little choice once we start. They come with a heavy dose of attached calories. Now, not everyone are susceptible to the same doses. Many of of us heavy people may be (are) hypersensitive to these.

Some food scientist recognised this and started to add these as flavour enhancers, and what do we have but people who act like they are addicted to specific foods. One is not enough. Cookies hold hands. Lay's potato chips use the marketing slogan, " I bet you cannot eat just one."

But there are also naturally occurring exorphins, in wheat, dairy products, nuts, chocolate, and likely elsewhere.   These are substances that no one trying to get lighter should be consuming. Could these be one of the causes of the obesity epidemic?

Kris has the what figured out but not the why, or he is not saying.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butter Addiction Net Research


Pieces of milk and wheat proteins (peptides) can act like the body's own narcotics, the endorphins, and were described by Zioudro, Streaty and Klee as "exorphins" in 1979. Other food proteins, such as gluten, results in the production of substances having opiate- (narcotic) like activity. These substances have been termed "exorphins." Hydrolyzed wheat gluten, for example, was found to prolong intestinal transit time and this effect was reversed by concomitant administration of naloxone, a narcotic-blocking drug. Digests of milk proteins also are opioid peptides. The brain effects of exorphins may contribute to the mental disturbances and appetite disorders which routinely accompany food-related illness. The possibility that exorphins are addictive in some people is a fascinating lead which needs further exploration.
Another mechanism, similar to dependency on food-derived neuroactive peptides such as exorphins, would be a dependency on gastrointestinal peptides, released from the bowel during digestion. Deficiencies in the bowel production of regulatory addictive peptides, such as endorphins, would likely be associated with cravings and compulsions to increase food ingestion. Eugenio Paroli reviewed the peptide research, especially the link between food and schizophrenia. He suggested: "The discovery that opioid peptides are released by the digestion of certain food has followed a line of research that assumes pathogenic connections between schizophrenic psychosis and diet."

Even OZ says food addiction is real. Butter is one he lists.
Sorry: this reference is bogus, as I found after publication, but the effect is real if we believe other sources.

Pinterest lists addicting food receipts include all of my banned substances.

The solution is no butter, excess fats, just meal and vegetables including potatoes without fats. When I get to skinny, then I may relook at it if that is a word. Just like suctacular.

So these exorphins turn on our desire to eat, and are found in milk, milk products, and wheat. No diet needs them, once we are eating well. No adult anyway, unless underweight. When did I last see an underweight healthy person? several years I think.    

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can butter addiction occur

Can butter addiction occur, or is just another calorie driven, psychological craven, compulsion driven urge?

Milk, in the raw form digestion causes a weak opioid peptide to form, likely to assist the young to feed. That is a protein, so does that opioid get concentrated in modern butter?

When I took butter back into my diet, it was a fat, and it did not call to me. Now it is calling, as are nuts. Perhaps I should eliminate butter and take up some starches. There is no real facts to work with. Lots of opinion, but no facts. If it is a bacteria driven conversion to opioid, it would make sense that as the bacteria ratio changes due to eating butter, the concentration of opioid bacteria could increase and cause a problem. The hunger, and craving could be bacterial in nature, a real cause. Perhaps a few days of no fats could remove the problem.

Or is it just an appetite stimulus?

Monday, September 17, 2012


orexin, the appetite hormone?


shows a condition that I have occasionally but it comes and goes

Okay, back to FH. Xanthelasmas are relatively common among those who suffer from FH (see photo below, from They are skin deposits of cholesterol, have a genetic basis, and are NOT always associated with FH. This is important – several people have xanthelasmas but not FH.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why are those damn almonds calling my name?

Why is it so difficult to not eat?
Presence of food stimulations?
Low tolerance to suggestion?

Any Ideas?

Almonds, dried cranberries, banana are not on my food plan, but call to me.
Not having them in the house is not an option, since I do not live alone.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Herding Cats

The above is what statics does, reduce the data on the left into a relationship on the right as reported. I will question the SD on the right, because 68% of the data should be within +- one SD,  but this is the idea.


Yoni missed the mark

But getting sugar and acellular carbohydrates, manufactured editable products out of our diet will improve health and our weight. As we abandon the big food lies, big pharma, big medicine, our health returns. If you doubt Gary, just get sugar, acellular carbohydrates and manufactured editable products out and watch your life transform.

The method of establishing food and human knowledge may be sloppy (not consistent), but so is the data that we work with, as is the conversion of food to ATP. The human bodies have different rates of conversion of different foods to energy. Atwater through out 1/2 of his data. Kevin Halls data has spread, standard deviation of 0.5 on normalized data. It is equivalent to herding cats.

We human animals need to learn to live in our modern environment, that is changing incredible rapidly.  These are philosophic changes, changes in out thinking, and decisions, our actions. These will not follow the governments directions, but come one at a time, by word of mouth, as one person at a time reaches out, understands and takes the necessary steps to recover from obesity.

I started work in a "new field" and retired as it become obsolete. I see entire products come and go in a few years. We human animals must learn to adapt to that speed of change, even if adaptation means shunning the new, and returning to the old ways.

Acellular carbohydrates- carbohydrates without cells- processed grains, processed or cooked carbohydrate rich foods which the processing, cooking has ruptured the cells, and some fruits that have no cells to contain the carbohydrates.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twisted Lists

  1. I am responsible for what I put in my mouth. 
  2. I will not let society, portions, or convenience dictate how much or when I eat. Aka, big food lies, cheats, deceives, to push their addicting products. Criminal drug pushes all, along with grannies.   
  3. There are only three variables, quality, quantity, and frequency of eating 
  4. Nutritional density, Caloric density, Satiation density (amount required to stop), Satiety density (duration of satiety function) must all be considered in selecting a meal foods. 
  5. Am I eating because of : first pass gut hunger; cellular hunger; cravings for minerals, vitamins; cravings for taste; or compulsion?      

Monday, September 10, 2012

Compulsion, Cravings Seperation

Dealing with the compulsion, living with it is not easy. Looking back on my life, it is the compulsion that was primary in my food issues, the other stuff came later. That is not to say that sugar addiction, wheat addiction, glucose storage high insulin, liking foods, constant pressure to eat from food pushing relatives, not knowing how to eat right, and the like were not factors, but underlying is a compulsion to eat.

In the 25 years that I have been actively fighting this issue beyond just diet, without understanding much it, I have learned a lot about food, and the issues. The cravings go for times, but the compulsion is always there, sometimes less strong, but always there. In following the AA program, it is suggested that there compulsion/craving goes away for many, but not all, suggests to me that there are two separate causes, one that remains and one that goes. I am going to call these craving and the more permanent one, compulsion.

If it is a true compulsion, just like a perversion of any kind, it is not likely to go away. We may be able to not act on them, aka not eat, but the compulsion will always be there, just waiting for the chance.   

Wrong information and misguided recommendations are everywhere. In the local rag today there was a article recommending sugar reduction, but suggests toast and processed oats as breakfast, both of which have higher GI than sugar. Duh. Oh well, Shit happens. 

Schwarts/Refocus only works when we are interested in what we are refocusing on. I have a engineering report to write, a bit of other work and a report to review, non of which I have enough interest in to displace the compulsion.  

How many other people deal with this kind of compulsion? Anyone get free of it? There are numerous other blogs of people who are living with the compulsion, and some that have recovered weight wise, but we are always on guard for the start of regain, and then it is a bitch to get back to the losing circuit. Ask Jimmy Moore, Sean Anderson, Jon Gabriel or any of the few percent of the population that deal with this on a daily basis, that are winning.

There are, in my mind, a multitude of causes of overeating, but my current battle is with compulsion, and that has been the major issue over the last regain since spring 2011. The carvings also came back for a while as did the hunger, but the solution for these is ketonic inducing level of calorie intake with little acellular carbohydrate. Protein must also be limited.

The compulsion response of eating raises intake to the point that insulin starts, and the insulin-fat storage-cravings cycle starts. Anyone that says the compulsion will go away may not be separating craving and compulsion. I will not believe until the compulsion goes away.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Separating Test

In a earlier post I questioned how does one separate physiological issue driven hunger from psychological issues. I suggest that a can of sardines may be the suitable test. One can of sardines should remove all physiological hungers. If the hunger remains, it must be psychological. (added later )Or Steve Parker suggests, a can of sardines, or three hard-boiled eggs.

Now separation of cravings and compulsion? mostly I feel cravings as a gnawing urge, while the compulsion is sharper, and harder to deal with. It is resistant to food... does not go away with sardines...

Emotions may be made wild by blood glucose variation, both the highs and lows. Rapid movements, jumping from one subject to the next,may be the result of burning sugar. Avoiding tough subjects, may be a simple reluctance to learn or fear of mathematics or science driven. As soon a calories or nutrition come up, some run.

Atwater through out half of his data. That likely says that half of the population need personal nutritional density numbers, perhap carbs = 5 C/gm, fats=7, P=4, or perhaps it is the 17% of fat burning that is obligated to go to heat that causes the problem. If a sugar burner does not need to make the heat, ie warm room, exercising, they are going to be more efficient. The ability of body to assimilate oxygen may also be the limiting factor, not production of ATP or muscle exhaustion. but I digress. Must be running on glucose. Potato last night. Bacon fried carrot with breakfast.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Seperation got me thinking

How does one separate those that have a physiological problem from those who have a psychological problem with respect to food? and what about those of us that have both?

I was going to name Tom's Fat head, but that is just fuelling the cross contamination of two separate issues.

The physiological problem is much easier to solve. Start with a Paleo, primal, LCHF, Maffetone or similar real food diet, and see what happens.  If we have uncontrollable cravings, look at mineral and vitamin issues. Consider protein deficiencies, fat issues, appetite stimulating foods. If it is a compulsion urge, now what. OA/schwartz is the only relief/discussion of solution to the specific problem.

I can identify protein hunger as different from fat hunger (first pass gut hunger). Carbohydrates are no longer energy food for me. ( Taubes, Davis, others) I can separate cravings from compulsive hunger, but it is constant, frequent, and persistent. The solution does not remove the feeling/compulsion/ of the persistence. The solution is not acting on it. OA and others suggest that the obsession becomes less over time, but I have not found that to be the case. More disinformation. My reality is simple... eat and die, or resist and live longer miserably.

The main point is separation of cravings and compulsions.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Organic anyone?

The media needs hype to sell advertising. It has nothing to do with facts. Wheat, grown without chemical fertilizer, is of a darker colour, and even has more flavour. Pigs can be raised on it without vitamins, minerals and antibiotics. But chemical fertilized wheat requires all three for hog raising.

Chemical fertilizer causes faster growth, more carbohydrate and about the same mineral and vitamin absorption. The nutritional density is higher. And then there is flavour, but if it is two day or a week old, all the flavour is gone anyway.

Pesticides are a different issue. Brassica, without pesticide is near hopeless. Other things are often deformed without it. It comes down to what can be sold, and is it profitable. Organic is labour intensive, and fresh, taste much different. If it is at the end of it’s shelf life, the taste is the same.

Everybody’s got an opinion. It just does not matter. Until we test it for ourselves, and it makes a difference in our life it is just noise.

But then, some people think sugar, wheat, grains, and manufactured oil produces are foods.

Monday, September 3, 2012