Monday, June 26, 2017

fingernails on chalk board

I learned about fingernails on chalk board in grade 7 from the Screech-halk, my teacher. She did both, dragged here fingernails on the chalk board and screeched in a similar tone. She struck fear into all of us. That was in 1960 ish.

Now there is an individual who does YouTube videos on food addiction that I would like to listen to, but am just unable to listen to, due to her voice, and to me it sounds like fingernails on chalk board.

GMO are raising there web presence. GMO are paying for trolls to put down any claims that GMO should be avoided, as they should be for your health, unless you do not want to be an unpaid lab-rat. Well, at least the protein parts, until they develop enough history, to be demonstrated not harmful to all. Monsanto has a corn that kills in South Africa, or so the story goes, before they silenced the opponent. Monsanto was good at silencing there opposition.  One more example...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Zucker Problem

We the obese suffer from at least six issues:
  • A physical problem, high insulin, possible driven somewhat by food choices, but now high insulin epigenetics 
  • A possible learning impairment or other structural brain issue that make us susceptible to cultural and family dynamics, cultural/society stresses. 
  • A highly emotional based brain, which combines with the other issues to create psychological distress and issues at times.
  • A food rich environment in which some of the foods drive the problem as well
  • A lack of good information about overcoming combined problems, education knowledge component. 
  •  A brutal and uncompassionate society with little knowledge of how to overcome individual internal issues. Specific individuals have knowledge, but it is difficult to find these and extract the knowledge from them. 
As the specific knowledge is not unique, which piece of knowledge is lacking? That is the question.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

the conglomerate and trump

So as I understand it, a trump identity or company under the umbrella of the trump borrows 12.7 million, and supplies a loan guarantor, a Ukrainian Pro Russian political party. As there is a guarantor, there is no need to repay the loan. At the other end of the conglomerate out pops 12.3 million of political contributions. Duh. WTF? How can the man say no influence from Russia? The trump skimmed of the political contribution, and received what?   

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bat Shit Crazy People

I am still learning to deal with the bat shit crazy people who frequent my life, and the bat shit crazy ideas that I have at times. New crazy show up.  Most of the bat shit crazy ideas that I have were adopted in my younger years without much consideration or choice. These ideas are prevalent in the collective consciousness of society and rub off.

This week I was out camping with a couple who struggle with weight issues and I do. There struggles are different, but with similar effects. They are unwilling to give up tasty snacks about three time each day, plus three meals. I, on the other hand will give up snacks, but not meals. To lose weight, there meals are of a size of snacks, and calorie wise may contain less than there snacks, which leave me hungry. Also they do no activities of exertion, nor exercise. There most energetic activity is take the dogs to the dog park and let them run.

All the religions are bat shit crazy, as is politics. Just look at the trump show. Bat shit crazy is trump. There has to be mostly independent law force that follow the law as enacted. If politicians want change, they need to change the law first.  To become elected you need to be popular, and have policies that make one stand out, yet in government, one needs a steady and fair hand; tolerance, for the people will be there tomorrow, and a eye to the future. Elections can be bought, as trumps was, and not by foreign powers such as Russia. I hope trump has not taken Russian money, but I fear he has, through a Ukrainian (Russian) back door loan guarantee from a foreign bank. 

The Canadian government must deal with this Indian situation, or the debt will just rise. The medical industry is also out of hand, but they will fix most anyone, and keep them alive for the pay check. Something needs to be done; perhaps guidelines on who can be treated from public money.

The Indian population must become either full citizens or the rank and file Indians will suffer. The chief will do well, but the commons will not. Oh well, they to will just die in the end, like all of us. Without education, the lower groups will survive on the reserves and on dole.

But back to the bat shit crazy, those who think anything will be resolved will need to have a look at resolutions of the past. Either one side or both sides feel hard done by. So when will the losers rebel? Well if there is not evidence, it is just opinion, and as such, should be treated as a hypothesis until some evidence is found. With religions, a game of dueling hypothesis shows they are all wrong. In the god, no god debate, the "no god" has no evidence against the "no god" hypothesis, while there is no "necessary and sufficient" evidence for a god, therefore there is likely "no god". End of discussion until evidence is presented.

Morals have no need for a god either. Do no physical harm, and the oriental version of the golden rule will go a long way to good ethics. We have man made laws also that keep most on track, but those only deal with the worst of people without the money to mount a good defense. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nonhumor - trump

Warning rant / nonrant

Nothing to do with food, eating, overeating, lack of satiation. There are just some thing that make a bad situation worse. I refuse to give trump a capital t, he is too much of a bully for any respect.

"Make America Great Again" slogan was interpreted by many of his followers as the idea that we would make America great again by slaying political correctness, by bringing back jobs, by keeping undocumented workers from entering our country, from showing the mainstream media who's boss. In reality, he is living in the past. What government has to do is get out of the way and let companies do there think, but that has caused pollution, abandoned waste, abandoned oil wells, nuclear waste, arsenic waste, etc. Economic business must pay for the waste cleanup as well, but they have not nor will they willingly. With all these people, we need to leave the earth in a condition that the next generation can live in it. 

trump has destroy US relationships with the rest of the world and even his own people. Consider the Kathy Griffin picture and the turmoil he caused over it. It was a poor taste Taliban skit. But he overreacted, as is trumps way. Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world. trump is just not a leader of willing free peoples.

The world has moved on since the time and populations that the American ego thought it was great, and businesses had free reign. Those time are gone forever. Green and conservation, while still developing is a much more difficult task. The forward thinking population being more free, unconstrained, made possible through an uncontrolled business morals, made the US what it was. An unethical, savage place, where life was brutish, hard and often short. They have no qualms about killing at the governments request; that is not moral nor ethical, and certinally not great. That has been there forte, along with development of the tools of destruction.

There are others who try to use force to promote themselves, and they do but not by support, but fear. Typical gun culture thinking. Taliban and muslim groups are examples if goofy intolerant religious concepts. There is one more word that I will not capitalize. Sick the US on the muslims, like an attack dog. That is what they are good at now. They are not good at critical thinking (too many unrecognized biases), or public communications, but some of them do the hardware quite well, but have it built elsewhere.
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said the United States "will continue to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country on Earth" as he announced a U.S. pullout from an international accord designed to curb climate change.

As with Mike from Canmore, Donny from New York, you saying something does not make it so. Statements should be based on real facts, not on your day dreams of reality.