Monday, May 9, 2011


Overeating has a long list of causes: sugar addiction, wheat addiction, chocolate addiction, Omega 6 oil addiction, Dense Carbohydrate addiction, protein addiction, nut addiction and combinations...

Then we have  conditions that contribute: Emotional eating, hyperinsulinema, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, habitual issues, environmental pressures, stress, lack of food knowledge, wrong food information...

If you to keep on eating your binge foods,  additional foods or foods that set off your condition, you can expect failure. We often have the double whammy.. addictions and a physical condition that encourages overeating.

God is just a concepts, the 12 steps become a frame work for cleaning up your life after you stop eating your addition foods and stop setting off your conditions. We often have multipliable issues.  Addressing only one without the other is a failure just weighting to happen.

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