Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lifestyle vs Diet

The general impression of lifestyle is it is something that we do for the remainder of our lives, while diet is a eating program with a finite time frame, usually with a objective of loosing weight. Lifestyle includes a philosophy, where as a diet is just a list of foods, rules, portions and the like.

Lifestyle has a scene of importance, permanence, and is tied to the location, time and environment. It dictates much more than just food, but also exercise, food preparation, and similar social values. It is more encompassing, and includes diet. It is not done in isolation. It includes a society.

Soup for breakfast can be part of a lifestyle. Meals of soup have advantages. There is a mix of starches, fiber, protein, and fluid. I am finding that they do not turn on the appetite, and kill hunger.  They make convent and quick meals, without much bother. An wide mouth thermos or two would help with lunches away and long day trips.

What does your lifestyle consist of?

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