Monday, September 25, 2017

Is overeating a form of mental illness?

Is overeating a form of mental illness?

I have no answer other than probably? It is a behavior driven by something, and that something does not appear to be physical, at least most of the time. In taking this problem apart, it could be mental, physical, environmental, or conditioned into our automatic responses, which should be able to be overridden with mental effort.

There is enough to demonstrate that some is physical, some is food knowledge, some environmental, but the big portion is just us and our mental issues, if we are actively searching for a solution. There are those too, which do not care or have just given up, and are resolved to relax, just as they are. 

There is no doubt, in my mind, that overeating is conditioned in response to stimulus. That stimulus includes placing our body in front of food, even seeing eatable food, perhaps TV food adds, perhaps even knowing that there is eatable food in the refrigerator... all stimulus. Thinking or talking about food, even writing this is a stimulus. Our conditioned response is to eat. Does that not describe mental illness???? 

So now that I have declared this to be mental illness, is there anything more know about the treatment? Well not much. From Lustig's work we know it is a shortage of serotonin, too much dopamine, cortisol, or a receptor problem... maybe or something else.

In my youth, overeating became a rational solution to the problem, maybe. It was rational to the child mind at least. Once that has become a conditioned response... to any stimulus... now what. Any kind of a aggravation, irritation, irrational person, and my automatic response was to eat, anything would do. So how does one overcome such a deeply conditioned response when we (I) live in such an irrational world?   First, there is no medical help.  This is not a recognized DSM V problem, there is no mental treatments.

There are few psychologists that offer treatment for eating disorders; one that does is a cousin of mine, she appears physically to have overcome her food issues; however, she is a nut bag in other facets of her life. Her thinking system is just not compatible with my reality.

During my working life I did what was necessary to make a living most of the time, then for a while I only took projects for selected good clients. I go through my working life, but then... I retired and regressed. Now I need to make changes again. It does not matter, in the end we all just die anyway.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Statins and Sucide

Opinion, not advice.

Doc wanted me to go on statins, so I took another good look at the data. So what does it really show?

"So I have a thirty percent chance of dyeing in the next ten years."
What are the odds on statins?
"Well you should be on statins!"

First off there is a problem with the total numbers treated in the study. It seem that there are quite a few people who start but stop quickly. The study's seem to just cross these of as non compliant. Yet I here there are some that statins just do not agree with; instant muscle pain, other discomforts. They make a quality of life decisions, live without statins until death. Possibly quicker, or shorter life, but by how much, nobody knows. Well one study show days more. Days, not weeks.

Then there is the suicide rate; three times higher on statins, and the doctor says there is no causal link and eliminate the suicide deaths on the all cause deaths. So it becomes all cause but suicide. Bullshit. Suicide is a quality of life subjective decision. There were more people who felt there life was poor, not worth leaving on statins. So what is the issue? Muscle pain, loss of strength, actual muscle cell death, there is no reasonable recover from that. Well the statin folks want to eliminate them from the study. If included, the sales pitch data tanks.

So when one adds back the dropped out, and suicides, there is no benefit; it appears to be better to stay off statins. Even if one was to try them and stop if there are quick side effects, the benefit is not there... unless one had family history or real history. So where does that leave us /me?

Doctors and preachers are two of the oldest professions, along with robbin, looting, or the legal equivalent, soldiering. So after we realize that truth in the professions are less that virtuous, it is up to the doctors to provide studies to show benefit, else I call bullshit. Just like religion; provide evidence of a god or fo. Proof of a long history in a belief of a god just does not cut it. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dr. R Lustig, a new book

So now we are progressing down the understanding why it is so difficult to stay on a diet long term.

Dopamine. Serotonin. Insulin. And Others.

So we humans, long term, need a environment that causes us humans to generate more serotonin. OK. Serotonin is the contentment hormone.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Do Churches Care about people
Now consider Carlton, Sask, or Greencourt, Ab, or Mayerthorpe, Ab, and those are just the ones that I know personally. The churches are just happy to walk away from the places that they burried the dead. Now let us take a better look at churches. First I will not say they are evil but I know they are. Lets divide up the instructions in the bible and see if the instruction does more good for the person or the church... and the church is what it is all about.

We are born without any knowledge, and we grow up searching for knowledge. Much of what we learn as children is just wrong, but we do not realize this... until we do. We are forced to unlearn, and learn something else, but that to may be wrong. So we learn to test, and find much is just assumption, truth is just a concept. Now what? There is no god, death is final. Many people have developed systems of beliefs, but morality can only be based on the present best practices. Keeping useless people alive is not moral by an objective standard if we include economy, or even just value in society, in an overpopulated world that we live in.

Honor our mother and father is a misleading commandment when our parents were wrong, cruel, abusive by the standards of present, but not far out of line by the standards of there time. So who does their beliefs benefit? Only the church. Those who wrote the bible knew a lot of psychology, or at least what worked, train them young and they will follow; they never learned the seven step of critical thinking; and when we do we call bullshit on religion. Religion is not just evil, but cruel, abusive, deceitful, infliction on the world. All religion should be eliminated and replaced with science and religion. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway. A bible burning, roast wieners, or something.    

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Irma beats Cuba

Irma must be beating Cuba and the press has not said a word. Images of Irma show the eye just off the north coast of Cuba, and have for the last day, but not one word in the press. US controlled media have ignored the situation. So what is the situation in Cuba? It must be severe.