Monday, May 9, 2011

Lustig, leptin

Dr. R, Lustig said 

Childhood obesity has become epidemic over the past 30 years. The First Law of Thermodynamics is routinely interpreted to imply that weight gain is secondary to increased caloric intake and/or decreased energy expenditure, two behaviors that have been documented during this interval; nonetheless, lifestyle interventions are notoriously ineffective at promoting weight loss.

Obesity is characterized by hyperinsulinemia. Although hyperinsulinemia is usually thought to be secondary to obesity, it can instead be primary, due to autonomic dysfunction. Obesity is also a state of leptin resistance, in which defective leptin signal transduction promotes excess energy intake, to maintain normal energy expenditure. Insulin and leptin share a common central signaling pathway, and it seems that insulin functions as an endogenous leptin antagonist.

Suppressing insulin ameliorates leptin resistance, with ensuing reduction of caloric intake, increased spontaneous activity, and improved quality of life. Hyperinsulinemia also interferes with dopamine clearance in the ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens, promoting increased food reward.

Accordingly, the First Law of Thermodynamics can be reinterpreted, such that the behaviors of increased caloric intake and decreased energy expenditure are secondary to obligate weight gain. This weight gain is driven by the hyperinsulinemic state, through three mechanisms: energy partitioning into adipose tissue; interference with leptin signal transduction; and interference with extinction of the hedonic response to

The Rosedale diet by Dr. Ron Rosedale explores dietary solutions for correcting leptin imbalances.
The Fat Resistant Diet by Leo Galland is anti-inflammatory diet that also addresses leptin.
Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards (2004) also addresses leptin imbalances.

Also, elsewhere, it is suggested that Vitamin C is a precursor for leptin, and a 500 UI dose of sodium ascorbate after each meal will fix you up. It is also suggested that sodium ascorbate is a precursor to cortisol and will effect your blood glucose measurements. It is not clear if it effects the blood glucose or just the measurement. Other forms of Vit C have reduced  effect...OK. 


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