Monday, May 16, 2011

Review of my past overeating.

This AM had a lovely description or summary of  issues with overeating.

In my case, the OA program and the study of Buddhist literature has all but eliminated my emotional eating, but not the physiology. A study of food and nutrition has helped in knowing what I should be eating and how much, but I still have a issue with overeating when I am hungry, physically hungry in the gut. I have been able to recover from a life of obesity and obsession with food, to the point that I am now just overweight. I am still obsessed, have excessive hunger, poor impulse control, and other personality and behavior issues as well as a bad (leaky) memory. 

There is much wrong information in the food/diet world.  It required much sorting real from bullshit, not just differing opinions. A bit of physiology, organic chemistry and science (engineering) goes a long way in identifying much of  the crap. 

Transient hyperinsulinemia may be the undiagnosed cause of the excess hunger, but there is no treatment, other than "learn to live with it". Yet at the same time stable BG, usually in the 4.5 - 5.5 range, so hyperinsulinemia is not likely.

Some of the diet advise makes the problem worse. The advise to always eat breakfasts, for example, is difficult to deal with as I am not hungry until I eat, and then the hunger comes. LCHF helps BG control but not the hunger.

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