Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Psychological Desires

What is keep the desire to eat grains alive in myself?

Is it the advertising, images, and the like of good tasting poison?

Advertising has three main objectives, raise awareness of a product, to sell the benefits, and raise desire for the product. That sounds like they are successful.  Even Wheat Belly (Dr. W. Davis, all the reasons that wheat should not be eaten), they had to stick a picture of bagels, the ultimate poison, on the front cover. These are not suitable as food.

It is my opinion that for we addicts, the only solution is complete abstinence of the offending product, and anything similar, or that may be a psychological substituent.  I am not completely clean on the substitutions yet, but getting better.

The concept of cheat meals, cheat days also must go, for those tend to keep the addiction alive, or the desire for those evil food alive.

Complete abstinence of  sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and substitutes for those is not easy, only necessary. TV must mostly go to avoid commercials. Food pictures must go. They do know how to stimulate appetite, those bastardy marketing people. The food industry would be far less profitable without us compulsive people around.

Temptation is everywhere. Real food grows. Intimation eatable products come from packages, and should not be considered to be suitable for food.

Consultants make money with unclear directions, but I can say that the overweight, obese, and grosely obese who are serious about losing weight should not eat any sugar, grain, omega 6 oils, or anything that reminds us of them or looks like them. Is that clear enough.    

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