Monday, August 1, 2011

Flatt, Bray, Ned vs Davis

This item at  and the comments after remind me of Flatt (, and the Bray paper.

All this debate and no clear answers. The human body cannot have excess glucose hanging around so it burns or store it first, then burns fat. It is the cephalic phase of insulin that stimulates over consumption.

Addiction to food is a separate issue, and some of us have it also. The addiction has a physiological, psychological, and social components, see (

Programs like OA help deal with the psychological, and social components, and food knowledge helps deal with the psychological. Watching TV, food, and similar stuff still generates appetite, or hunger through  cephalic phase of insulin and hyperinsulinemia, which draws our blood glucose down.

It is not one factor, one cause, but a group of causes. The physiological causes are hard to know what is cause, and what is really an effect. Does wheat cause a problem through morphine-binding compounds, the so-called exorphins as per   or dopamine producing bacteria; it is irrelevant to the treatment: NO WHEAT or GRAINS.

Insulin rush is irrelevant to the treatment, NO SUGARS, HFCS, HONEY, ARTIFICIAL SWeetner or the like. No TV, or other forms of tempation is also required for my recovery.

You lot can debate the details, but I will stick with the solutions that I have found thus far. Being hungry this much is a bitch, but I guess that is my life.

And on a up note here's Phil

No SGO6, HB attitude.  

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