Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taubes vs Guyenet

It is understood that at the Ancestral Health Symposium there was a bit of a dispute.

It is my opinion that these two fellows are both right and wrong. My N=1 evidence, for my weight loss from gross obesity to just overweight suggest that both insulin/blood glucose and reward drive the weight up. These are not mutually exclusive: both can and seem to coexist. The insulin / blood sugar was a big factor at first, but now that sugar, grains, omega 6, and manufactured eatable products are mostly not foods... not food that I eat, the rewards play a bigger role in overeating.

Low impulse control, continual temptation, and habit also play a role, as does whatever drives the gut hunger sensation, and what ever drives the craving sensation. A change in attitude toward food, along with a bit of knowledge to separate real information from junk science and rat science also helps. A bit of physiology, bio-chemistry, bio-physics, will not go amiss.

No SGO6, HB Attitude

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