Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guyenet, Taubes and Rogge

This AHS T&G debate and got me thinking.

There are a number of places down the food or glucose-fat processing that could be the issue, and for different people, different locations.

Guyenet and the reward theory are one, where we overeat due to a food reward, which put the responsibility back onto the individual. I can easily gain weight on a boiled potato, cabbage,  eggs and hamburger paddy diet, or with portion control, lose on the same diet. Reward is not likely my issue. Over stimulation with food images and advertising is an issue for me.

Having said that reward is not my issue, addiction is one of my issues, which is a chemical reward. D2 dopamine receptor issues make more sense, as suggested by Dr. J, as I am also an introvert with other issues, including low energy. I do get periods of time that I am not low energy, and those relate more to intrest or necessary to produce the urgency, I assume adrenaline to foster actions.

Taubes suggests that it glucose driven insulin rise driving fat storage into the fat cells depriving the muscle cells of energy. Low carb diet does not energize me, as it reportedly does Taubes and others low-carbers-Paleo people. Something is just not there. I did lose weight but the energy dropped. My triglycerides are not low. This does not suggest a shortage of energy on the supply side of the cells. I try to keep my BG low anyway.

Rogge suggests that is the mitochondria that are not producing ATP readily enough, hence, drive hunger, allow the insulin to put away excess fat. This makes more sense. It should be measurable with the RQ, the ratio of carbon dioxide produced/oxygen consumed. If that is the case, quick tiring, low energy, but strong muscles, and adrenaline driven energy, and the need to be hungry to lose weight would be expected. This describes my situation.

All this is just speculation, and the current medical main stream knowledge is twenty years behind the times and proud of that.

Lustic and fructose phobia, insulin, leptin resistance, and that who process may be part of the process, but not the cause, or a separate cause, but the sugar is out anyway.

Is there any diet that will increase energy? A trickle of glucose, perhaps, with excitement in my life to keep the adrenaline up.

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