Friday, August 26, 2011

"Nice Paper"

There is a nice paper at where the overeating problem is lightly summarized. Once again the implication is eat less, move more, but does not address or acknowledge any of the items that I found necessary for my recovery thus far. Oh well, research is about research, understanding a part of the problem, not about finding solutions.

First is a change in attitude, to one that includes- conventional society does not have the answers, just look at the obese conventional people- hang with the losers, and understand what made them lose weight. Sort and throw out the bull-shit.

A bit more knowledge helps. The best line I have seen is at "The “trick” is in convincing your brain that you have more fat than you need. " Thanks Beth.

Eat less carbohydrates, up the vitamins and minerals, reduce calories, move more after losing a bit of weight. Weekly resistance training and weekly heart and lung exercise is required for a good life. Either work or exercise. Wood for winter = exercise.

Look to the physics of the problem. Nutrition Density, caloric density, are good indicators. Foods with a high caloric density and low nutritional density should be avoided.

Atwater factors are out to lunch, due to the personal variation in digestion, absorption, relative efficiency of conversion to organic energy variation. These apply to the central 1/2 of the population, plus/minus about 20 percent. For me carbohydrates are relatively higher, fats lower than reported values.

The government thinks everyone is more active than I. My BMR is less than 55C/kg LBM, and my voluntary movements are essentially zero, like a Zucker rat or a black six mouse.

Ultimately, all the learning has resulted in a change of lifestyle. My new lifestyle includes usually three meals each day, a few days occasionally of to much good food, a few days of losing weight gained with the too much good food, followed by a return to three meals of real food each day. Meat of almost any fresh kind, vegetables, and a bit of fruit some days, No sugar, wheat, cooked omega 6 oils, or manufactured eatable products. Occasionally rice, potatoes, and oat bran is small quantities slips in.

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