Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Action Plan

It has occurred to me that most of the yoyo that I did was based on the lack of learning about the food, and the failure to realize how damaging sugar, most grains, seed oils, manufactured eatable products are, and the unwillingness to give those up. Add to that list nuts and cheese, because I cannot stop eating them, and I lose weight, down to my current overweight condition.

The damage likely applies to only a subset of the population, of which I am part, and likely to all obese and grossly obese persons who are introverts. The D2 receptor deficiency also is noted in both the obese and introverts.

To remain an ex-obese person, an ongoing commitment to abstain, avoid, or otherwise not intake these foods is required. These are all nutrition poor as measure by the nutrition/calories ratio. There is no reason to eat any of these unhealthy food, no reason to have them in the house, no reason to buy them. None.

I do keep oats and oat bran around, for the constipation; however, I have not had any for some time. I do need the supplements, including magnesium, for that reason if no other.   

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