Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Dr. Sharma

"In many ways, one can look at excess body fat simply as a sign or symptom of the fact that there is a something “wrong” with energy homeostasis. The excess body fat tells us nothing about what the problem is - sure, it’s either excessive food intake or reduced energy expenditure - but that is like saying that the creatinine levels are elevated because the kidney is not excreting properly. I can think of a long list of reasons or factors that would contribute to excessive caloric intake or reduced energy expenditure: sociocultural factors, psychological factors, biomedical factors - figuring out what exactly is causing the energy imbalance is the real problem."

First, start with food addiction for the grossly obese. No sugar, grains, omega 6 oils and see what happens.

And a supporter of the addiction theory at http://www.kriskris.com/wheat-heroin-morphine

but lets no forget the other causes.

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