Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Dr Sharma states the success of the modern medical approach at http://www.drsharma.ca/the-edmonton-obesity-staging-system-is-not-a-license-to-do-nothing.html.

Obesity is not a single cause thing. Recover requires a change in life style diet to something like Paleo or Dr. Richard Bernstein, protein, vegs, a bit of fat X 3 per day, plus a bit of study. After a suitable diet, and food knowledge, removal or avoidance of food addiction, mild OCD, compulsions, cravings, energy issues, hunger, rewards, temptations, insulin/leptin issues, V&M deficiencies, social pressures (food pushers), digestion absorption, stress, boredom, appetite stimulus, exercise issues, breathing (oxidation) issues, sleep, and assorted bullshit is still required. 

But there is a quote from the Sharma "there are only two types of obese patients - those that are untreated and those that are treated. The only difference between the two groups is the fact that patients in the treatment group are managing their weights - when treatment stops, group 2 reverts to group 1 - i.e. the weight comes back or continues to increase - there are no exceptions!"

So I guess it come down to treating ourselves.

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  1. Hmm. I'm not sure that giving into a compulsion or craving, even with a metered meal, is ideal. You'll have one of two likely scenarios: 1) it doesn't resolve it, or 2) it reinforces it.

    Nora Gedgaudas suggests a number of supplements to help with cravings (particularly carb cravings). And I've been recently thinking that doing something fairly physical might be useful. This comes from the behaviorist I see periodically. She pointed out that cravings often come from the lizard part of our brain ... as a response to what it perceives as a fight or flight situation. We've conditioned ourselves to use food for these, but if we go back to our roots, and expend energy somehow, that can often help.


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