Monday, August 29, 2011

Mainstream Medicine

Mainstream Medicine as still has no answers.

Leave it to a consultant to point out the obvious and they still have no workable solution for most of us, so pointing out that we are obese is just offensive or of little help. All but the blind already knew they have a weight problem. The only solution is eat less carbohydrates, move more anyway in some form.

Providing a method of dealing with hunger, cravings, stresses, low impulse control, reward, addiction, and appetite stimulus and all those other things that drive us to food is beyond the medical doctors scope anyway.

The real “trick” is making our mind think that we are fat enough and are not hungry, crave nothing, and all our appetites are satisfied.

They typically will not say no sugar, grains, or omega 6 oil because that reality would not be politically acceptable, but point out the obvious to an obese person is acceptable. Oh well. What do we expect from a government paid consultant?  There is good money to be made studying the problem. provides the wrong message for those who are serious about weight loss or maintenance.
Most studies are self reporting; therefore the data is suspect. 
Most studies a done on healthy young people with undamaged metabolisms. 
Chocolate is addicting through dopamine and serotonin. 
The only treatment for addiction is complete assistance. That is the rest of the story.
It would be political incorrect to say no chocolate, but I can say that, and any obese who is serious about recovery from obesity. as pointed to by Beth at cut to the point.

Also note that the fast food industry would be in the same situation, as would the advertising industry with their food commercials,  and the "diet" industry. Oh, well money greases the world. provides a relationship between %BF and BMI

Today I have an opinion on lots of stuff. Back to work.

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