Saturday, August 6, 2011

Avoid Wheat make the claim

Conventional “wisdom” is that wheat elimination, as practiced by people diagnosed with celiac disease, results in weight loss because of deprivation, a reduction in variety of foods. Joel can tell you that there was no feeling of deprivation, hunger, or lack of choice. Purposeful reduction of calories is not part of the Wheat Belly approach, although calorie intake falls, on average, 400 calories per day due to the avoidance of the appetite-stimulating properties of the gliadin protein unique to wheat.

This is typical of my experience in the first years of letting go of the wheat, the main grain I was eating. 
Michael at says his best advice is: "Get a very clear plan, and follow it rigorously. Some people will interpret “rigorously” as “anally,” which is the same meaning with a negative value judgment tossed in. "

That is what I belief has been key. No sugars, grains, omega 6 oils or other manufactured eatable products. Lately, I have adopted a honey badger attitude. ( I just do not care about shit that does not concern me, and carry on with what is in front of me.

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  1. Honey badger is a riot!

    The number of cases of celiac is going through the roof. Five times as bad as it was around 1950. (Blogged about it not long ago).
    Seems to me that it's the horrible quality of the bread we eat that destroys out gut in the first place (with celiac or otherwise). If we're eating anything at all similar to regular bread, better to give it a pass.


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