Monday, August 15, 2011

Attitude is everthing

Dr. Sharma Staging system found at is nice for the doctor's: it set priorities for the doctors.

Two thing are absent in the staging. First is attitude of the patient. Until there is sufficient desire to address the problem, nothing is going to change. The attitude must become a strong desire to change in a good way, and to seek out necessary information, and to ignore (wrong) conflicting information, along with the ability to sort the two.

Secondly, the treatment options are limited, and does not easily contain the necessary knowledge that I required to get started down the weight loss path. As a long time yo-yo, obese to overweight cycles of nearly 100 pounds, there was an increase in the speed of cycling until I learned certain facts, such as sugar in all forms is addicting, (chemically rewarding), as is grain (mainly wheat) and omega 6 oils, at least for some people. I can eat no sugars, grains, manufactured oils, cheese, nuts, artificial sweeteners, or manufactured eatable products without a run-a-way, none. Moderation is not for me. I can eat none of these products, else I eat until I reach a full state, that leads to rapid weight gain and rapidly going through the stages.

Until this fact sinks in, the problem will continue. I see people ever day around me with the same problem, but the main stream medicine ignores the obvious and cure with no revenue to the medical industry.

Whether it is a true addiction is irrelevant to the treatment, abstinence from the offending products, is the only proven solution for those who are addicted. One item suggest that addition one of these items could be universal, or strongly addicting to 25 percent of the population. It's your life, you believe what you like, and I will believe what gives me relief from what causes obesity. 

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