Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hope for the main line medicine?

Dr. Sharma post raises the question of personal choice. I say it is a sign of hope that the mainstream medical community is starting to understand, but only starting.

My response is as follows:

That is the only advise that will work long term, and possibly over correction to start. The facts are so diluted and sometimes wrong in Weight Wise that it is dangerous and useless. These may work with minor overweight, but the grossly obese and many of the obese need the full monty to make major corrections in there lives. The Weight Wise need a quick start hard program to get rid of food addiction, insulin/blood glucose issues, chemical reward, psychological reward and the like.

Low impulse control, continual temptation, and habit also play a role, as does whatever drives the gut hunger sensation, and what ever drives the craving sensation. A change in attitude toward food, along with a bit of knowledge to separate real information from junk science, expert opinion, and rat science also helps. A bit of physiology, bio-chemistry, bio-physics, will not go amiss.

Throw away your Canada Good Food Guide. Complete avoidance of sugars in all forms, wheat for sure, all grains to start with, omega 6 oils to get the trans fats out, and all the manufactured eatable products. Elimination or portion control of the dense carbohydrates, and portion control of fats, and meats is required by many. Greens do not matter much and are required at every meal.

The issue with omega 6 is that the labeled amount of trans fat is pre-processing, plus or minus 20 %. Trans fat always increase with cooking, deep fryers increase oxidation rapidly, and corn oil turns brown at about 24% trans fat. Most restaurants use the oil until it is a dark brown, and starts to brown the foods. Trans-fat become a death sentence.

Wheat has many issues. See for the full story. Sugar is just empty calories. Excess fructose is converted into fat in the liver, resulting in visceral fats.

We need to over correct to deal with the obesity problem, nothing else has worked yet.

(For the grossly obese and obese only) Meal sizes must be kept to a size that blood glucose does not go wild. Once we start to burn stored fat as a primary source of fuel, we need resistance training (MacGuff style is the safest), and adequate protein(1.2 gm/kg LBM), not reduced protein, adequate carbohydrates (20 to 150 gms, reduce to keep BG, 1 hr, <6.0 ), adequate vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, and adjust the fat to control the rate of loss and hunger. Every one with an obesity problem should know these facts off the top of there head but it takes much searching to fine the facts out. There is so much wrong advise. How is one to know what is right without study of each issue? Go against some of the “experts”, for there recommendations are mutually exclusive, but which ones?

Test it on your self, and see what works and what does not. Do the tests in short periods of time and track everything. But I digress. No SGO6, HB attitude.

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