Monday, August 15, 2011

Weight Historesis

After watching Dr, R Lustig and reviewing Hall and Chow papers it is apparent that there is weight historesis.This is typical of a situation where there is a non-recoverable energy loss moving either direction. This makes it much easier to maintain a constant weight over time with variation in food intake.
We see this similar effect in soil swelling/shrinkage, transformers, dried foods, and other places, so why not in people, and the chemical processes. Every action has a cost, so does conversion of glucose to glycogen, and glycogen to glucose, fructose to fat, FFA to triglycerides, triglycerides to FFA, and the like. So how does this help me? I do not know, but it is one more bit of the whole store. 

Is hunger the sensation of the liver ramping up Gluconeogenesis? Any view on the subject? Then is excessive hunger a sign of inability to manufacture enough glycogen, or stress in manufacturing?

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