Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving into Action

The first stage of recovery from obesity is moving from apathy to action. We all know we should loose weight, and can find many excuses and causes, procrastination, other unknowns for our lack of movement into the weight loss camp.

First, abuse from people around us is a common issue. One way to handle abuse is just walk away, shut down, stop caring type of reaction. That is the most common reaction to abuse. Anyone that provides an opinion without knowledge is guilty of abuse, from the view of an obese person.

People of the ELMM camp are typical, of not understanding bio-physics, and the changes in efficiency of conversion from food to bio-mechanical energy. Calories are a measure of heat, not bio-mechanical energy. The efficiency of conversion from heat to bio-mechanical is not the same for fats as carbohydrates. The efficiency is not the same, person to person, and will change within a range over time. Atwater factors are not consistent, person to person, or over time, or between various mixtures of food. These numbers vary by at least 30%. Therein lies the difficulty. Ignorance is a simplifying thing.

The drive for food is instinctual, and is governed at a cellular level, not in the head. Some of us go through life hungry, and others have no appetite. Those with no appetite are often abusive toward those who have excessive hunger.  Abuse leads to shutting down, so your abuse does not help the problem, it makes it worse.

Any comments?

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