Saturday, June 18, 2011

A frame work for resolving overeating

A rainy Saturday. Too wet to cut grass or work outside. I think like my mother. Incomplete sentences.

A frame work for resolving overeating is required to identify and classify the causes of overeating, with the hope that removing or addressing each individual cause, a solution for myself may be found. Bear with me here, this is just a growing list.

  • Uninterested in weight or controlling their weight - no hope of recovery (type 0's)
    • just do not care about themselves, or those around them, apathetic 
    • unwilling to accept that they have a problem
    • unwilling to make the effort
    • too low on their priorities to take the time
    • dislike in knowing the truth
    • too negative to learn
    • too intimidated to learn, unlearn myths, to correct
    • too intimidated, influenced by dietitians who are preaching the government wrong line 
    • just negative toward someone who is forced / obligated / dependent on them / forced to live with them, lack of choice
    • living under or around a control freak, working for a control freak, being unable to leave due to financial reasons, (fear of poverty), fear of being alone, fear of other people, 
  • Physical
    • Hunger / Satiety / Satiation issues
    • Hyper-palatable screws homeostasis
    • only three factor one can control, food choices, amount, spacing, if we can control them
    • Cravings - vitamin and mineral deficient diets
    • Cravings - Food effects, intolerance, allergies that cause cravings, 
    • Mal-absorption - producing deficiencies, causing cravings  
    • body chemistry, BG, insulin, leptin, ....full list... issues
    • carbohydrate intolerance ( Maffetone), what ever you call then
    •  insulin resistance (Eades), metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinemia (many low carbers), internal starvation ( McGuff) , energy partitioning (Taubes), what ever you call it group of issues
    •  leptin resistance, leptin signal blocked by insulin (Dr Lustig) and fructose issues
    • Sleep issues (need a belly full to sleep)( no carbs, else adrenalin rush near morning), sleep apnea, sleep deportation, insomnia 
    • medications / hormones / drugs (munchies) causing cravings, 
    • some people say some of these are not real, other claim they are very real... what to we actually know... are they real to only subsets of the population, or only when a number of factors occur.
    • Lack of exercise, negative output of energy... cannot burn intake... before hunger occurs... suggest a nutrient problem
  • Spiritual - philosophical - mental -conceptual
    • Lack of knowledge ... food, bio-physics, bio-chemistry, and physiology knowledge that is compatible with each other, believing popular myths.
    • Social - poor food to choose from, unwilling to say no
    • unwilling to give up "unhealthy for individual" foods- sugar, grains, nuts, cheese, oils, transfats, chocolate, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, etc.
    • unwilling to go without real food, do not consider something food, unwilling to go without food, unwilling to fast as protest.
    • Denial that "those" foods are unhealthy, typically grains as above list 
    • Stress eating - unable to handle the stresses of life or situation, adrenalin, cortisol  
    • Habit
    • enjoyment of food, celebration, indulgence, rather than sticking to new lifestyle. dropping back to previous lifestyle, 
    • moving from external to internal motivation, conviction in being right, whats right not who's right.
  • Environmental
    • Poor economy - poor food to choose from, 
    • Chemical in food / Medicines 
    • low nutrition food, deficient vitamins and minerals in diets
    • Living situation, family relationships, livelihood 
    • Living with a negative person
    • unwilling to change there behaviors to accommodate low impulse control person
    • Unwilling to believe that other have a problem with their behavior, it may be the others problem, but will they like the solution, general negative attitude.
  • Emotional
    • Hedonic - pleasure seeking - reward summary at
    • cooping adaption
    • lack of learning of other methods of stress resolution
    • boredom,  indecision, dislike of our work, activities, or boredom due to lack of the same
    • frustration fixation
    • family enmeshment / family tradition / dependence / control freaks
    • ridicule / harassment / bulling defense / insular personality / isolation / more comfortable than being around the abusers
    • low impulse control
    • food temptation - living is a open food environment, usually with a practicing overeater (type 0)
    • food addiction / addiction like hedonic responses
    • Depression .. which came first? Eating pushes serotonin, the feel good hormone, hedonic
    • Obsessive - compulsive

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