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Here we have one more opinion on how to end overeating that is worth a look. Perhaps a bit more information will help.

To me, sugars,  most grains, starches mixed with fats, transfats, manufactured oils are the issue. Saturated fat is irreverent, as our body makes it from excess carbohydrates. The sum of intake must be equal or less than outputs, each with our personal Atwater factor. When I look at the set of partial differential equations that K Hall came up with, it is obviously complex, but possible to define each of their variables, to relate body weight to intake, but delta mass is dependent on both sides of the equation, and also dependent on the components, (saturated fat, oils, transfats, Glucose, fructose*, whole proteins, damaged proteins, specific proteins and a bunch of others).

I need 50 to 100 gms starches, no sugar, no fructose and about 65 gms of protein per day. ( I am not an athlete nor do I do physical work, therefore can burn fat just fine), The remainder of the intake can be fats. Fats crosses the gut wall by simple diffusion; it cannot happen against a concentration gradient. If you do not absorb the fat, you pass it. Almost all carbohydrate is absorbed.

Insulin, stimulated by carbohydrates, sweeps everything, glucose and fats into fat cells. Once we eat carbohydrates, especially dense easily digestible sugars and starches, insulin is released and we soon will be hungry because everything is pushed into fat cells. Internal starvation, partitioning of  resources, what ever we call it occurs, a normal reaction, that we must guard against, and stop. When we cut carbohydrates, we need fats to run on. To extract fat from fat tissue, there is a series of enzymes, and that is rate controlled below our hunger threshold. We need fat to avoid getting hungry. If we get hungry for long enough, we will eat and be out of control. We need to dust the crumbs off and get back on the program.

Be wary of advise to cut sugars, starched and fats. It is not sustainable (remember KimKins). We can live without sugars, and caloric dense carbohydrates, but not without fats. We need 1 gm of omega 3, 2 gm of omega 6, and the remainder any saturated or omega 9 will do.

For me this is about 200 to 400 C of carbohydrates, 260 C of protein that comes with equal or more fat, and the remainder of the daily total as fat. When we take something out of our diet, we may need to add vitamins and minerals also.

To me, sugar, most grains, manufactured oils and manufactured eatable products are simple not human food. Vegetables, meat, fish, proteins and animal products are food. Fruit is OK as garnish, as are nuts, legumes, and seeds.

* trouble makers

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