Friday, June 3, 2011

Boring Food Solution

Several have been suggesting that obesity is caused by food reward, that is we get something from the food beyond the nourishment. There may be something to that, but it is a common social delusion then that food should taste good and not be repetitive. Perhaps plain food is some of the answer; no spices, bland, consistent, more dependent on the seasons. But that is largely my life today. Oh well. I did have that social delusion, but I think that I can accept boring food, and repetitive food. The social delusions are not unlike John Powell's misconception theory, where he held that the individual had wrong ideas, delusions, in there mind as part of their belief system that need to be corrected. The differences is that these wrong ideas are held by us and our family, and our social group, tribe or others. Once we identify the wrong belief, cognitive therapy, evaluation of a better concept can root out the idea and replace it with a more serviceable concept. The old idea was a delusion, something that we thought was right, but is not serving us well at this time.
The first is how much food we need. 22C per Kg of lean mass + movement + exercise is all. for me that is 1400 C/day plus exercise.
Many of the primitive peoples lived on what was available; if insufficient food was available, they either moved on or did not survive. Such is life without easy food storage and transportation. But that is the way I was raised, we grew it or did not have it for the most part. We traded locally for some thing, honey, moose meat, fish, and had surplus grain, pork, raspberries, and strawberries. Most people had big gardens. I was still obese as a child.
It has more to do with our thinking and available calorie dense, nutrition poor convenience foods and a rushed life style chasing the dollars, and not taking the time to relax, cook, grow our own food, and store over the winter. I like fresh vegetables better. It is not worth the effort to grow and store some foods.

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