Saturday, June 18, 2011

My thoughts on HAES

Beth at brought up HAES and that got me thinking...

I have concerns with HAES, for I think it is a small step in philosophy from HAES to relapse. I personally have struggled to recover as much as I have, and have adopted a near paleo lifestyle, because as much as anything, after we remove the toxic food, there is not much else left.

Potatoes, rice, beans, dairy, nuts and fruits are so calorie dense that I cannot eat much of them anyway. Soy and oils have never been part of my foods anyway. Supplements are required as I am unable to burn the excess calories to obtain the nutrition from our modern low nutrition cultivars with chemical fertilization.

I think it is important to identify and remove all the cause of overeating, hunger and cravings. Once we do that the problem should become much smaller. (pun intended)

There is also a danger for me in not being willing to give up problem foods. Sugar, wheat, chocolate, nuts, cheese, or anything that tastes like more. I think that seeking pleasure from food (hedonic) is one of the problems, and HAES want to hang onto pleasure foods and social foods.

I think that for recovery, I must be willing to give up problem foods, and must give up problem foods. Many people are unwilling to give up sugar, grains, manufactured snacks and the like, and have a weight problems. I hung around TOPS for a while, and many of those were unwilling/unable to give up calorie dense foods.  Same with the other program. It is difficult some days, and other days easy to give those poisons up. If I do not want to slip, I must stay off slippery slopes. I, personally, also seem to have mineral and vitamin craving issues.

HAES thinks that fat is good, as long as one is healthy. This is the want to be able to overeat, and be healthy concept. It may work if one was to run out of food for periods of time, but that is not likely in our time and location. I will stick to my rigid bigoted do as I do attitude. It got me here.

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