Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Business

And I truly sorry about my attitude toward big business. Something like this ( is just more evidence that we are just marks to big business, to be used as a source of dollars to be fleeced. Buyer beware. Capitalism at its best. Good Marketing. Get what you can while the getting good. Greed. Sell what people are buying. Fleece’im. Then the government required warning of the “side” effects, which are hugely understated, and have little effect of purchasing decision of the purchasers, but are politically correct.

The concept of side effects was created by a lawyer and is an understatement. These are more truly unwanted effects.

I think it is sad that our populations (I am Canadian) are suffering so much that these drugs are even wanted. Here I sit, drug free, nearly free of all sugar, grain, oil, and other manufactured food sources, and nearly medically complaint free. (I could stand to loose a bit of weight.)

Yoni has a link to CSPI. There what Tom had to say about CSPI a bit back

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