Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The plan,~ good, bad and ugly.

Beth got me thinking again... what do I eat/what should I eat.. decision time.-- Action plan

First a note about our information: some portion of what we know or believe is just wrong. This is higher in our beliefs than our knowledge, perhaps. Sorting is the big issue. I understand a medical professor said 1/2, while in engineering, Stan T. (he is still around in his early 90's) said we were 75% right in technical information, and about 50% in decisions.

During this revision of my food program, I will endeavor to produce three lists of foods, one banned, one questionable, unknown amounts, disputed, unsure, and one permitted with quantities permitted. Although I am generally Paleo/ LoBAG/ Atkins like/ Maffetone/ R. Bernstein/ Whole food/ type, I struggle with some foods. Olive oil is not going to be consumed if I can taste it. In historical time, fat spared protein, as protein was short in the middle east and southern Europe. That is what I believe is basis of high oil use in the Mediterranean diets, with lesser proteins.

I am also low energy, and am not going to make mayonnaise or competitive cooking. Simple quick, fridge to stove to table, and the dog gets the plate, therefore no seconds. I would not dirty a second plate. Dog gets leftovers. Done. end. Maybe even paper plates soon. No plastic.

One word definitions just do not fit. Coleman, Microwave, George Foreman, Crockpot, Cast iron pot, or cast iron fry-pan, soup pot in the winter, or raw, thems the choices for the most part, but that is a lot of choices.

Prohibited foods list, the bad. These I do not consider as food any longer.

Sugar in any form, HFCS, etc, including honey.
Artificial sweeteners of all stripes and patterns, all bad, some real bad, some by association.
Most ground grains. Wheat for sure. As a kid, we fed pigs barley. I just think barley is pig food. A bit in beef  barley soup, when caught in a tight spot may be ok.
Rice raises my BG, therefore it is out. Oatmeal is out for the same reason. A few oat flakes in rhubarb in the spring is ok.

Manufactured oils are to high in Omega 6, therefore they are out.
Oils are not needed beyond a few grams of fish oil, O3, each day. We get to much O6.

Manufactured eatable products are just unknown, calorie dense, extremely addicting and unnecessary and therefore are out.

Processed potatoes, BG rise with any quantity more than a taste.

Trans fats, therefore Criso, margarine, deep fried foods, french fries, chicken wings, donuts, etc are all out.

The Ugly, watch the quantities, just a taste, only if as a fat vector, or for other reason

Traces of rice, beans, and the like in soup is not enough to worry about. I do need a bit of fiber.
Oat bran, for the fiber if required.
Nuts always taste like more. Avoid.
Milk. I do not like the smell.
Cheese, that I like, for it evaporates around here. Frozen may slow the consumption. It always taste like more.
Potatoes, quick fried to 140 gm,  - par boiled ok to 120 gms, no mashed or processed.
Processed meats taste like more, and a full of nitrates.
Pulse- legumes- beans, peas, legumes, lintels, a spoon full, perhaps 1/4 cup, wet plate ready, soaked in the can.
Fruits,  imported are sugar with nice taste, avoid.

The good
Meats, fish, eggs, ~~ 1 gm protein/ kg of lean body mass
Veg, stocks, shoot, and leaves, flowers - perhaps 500 ml/meal or
roots - perhaps 200 ml/meal
enough fat to eat the vegetables
local fruits, watch quantities

3 meals /day if possible

Volume of food. Satiety is a meaningless concept to me. Ideally, eat no more than the prescribed amount. In reality, I still am hungry, tough, or eat until I am able to stop. Intrusive food thoughts are always an issue.

Exercise: Try Doug McGuff's method, once per week to muscle exhaustion. Morning has killed the whole day, so I should try end of the day.

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