Friday, June 17, 2011

Sharma, Satiety - Hunger and Hedonic Eating

Today Dr Sharma post stoked me up.

He seems to think that there are only two reasons to eat,
1) Satiety/hunger and 2) hedonic eating
what about 
3) the cravings/hunger produced by mineral and vitamin deficiencies
4) food allergies/effects, glutin, wheat ( Davis)
5) carbohydrate intolerance ( Maffetone), what ever you call then
6) insulin resistance (Eades), metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinemia (many low carbers), internal starvation ( McGuff) , energy partitioning (Taubes), what ever you call it group of issues
7) leptin resistance, leptin signal blocked by insulin (Dr Lustig) and fructose issues

Those of us who deal with these in our lives are just being ignored, as if we are the problem, of it is all in our heads. I live hungry, that is my life. The other choice is continual eating and obesity.

And here is a government paid theocratic ignoring the major part of the problem and concentrating on the small portion of the problem for which he thinks he has a solution.

Oh well, what do I expect from government. After all, they brought us the "Canada good food guide", the Canadian version of the USDA ignorant document created by McGovern and Butz, that created the obesity problem. That and chemical fertilizer, which grows artificial carbohydrate enriched plants, creating a less healthy nutrient to calorie ration, and grain feed cattle, also less nutrient dense. But that is beyond the scope of the "weight wise people". We, the people, must learn to live, in spite of political caca el torro.

After all, I was busy loosing weight on low carb, which "weight wise" condemn, so they threw me out of their program.

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