Friday, June 10, 2011

Vivid dreams / blood glucose

Last night I had Chinese. Bad Mistake again, but I "forgot" how I react to it. I like the taste. I like the carbs.
Blood Glucoes went high, I got hungry, likely from the carbs and insulin resistance. Slept well until 4 AM, then the typical vivid dreams woke me (adrenalin rush/cortisone, BG at 5.5. Why do I keep eating like this? Because I like the taste, reward of pleasure, it was offered, temptation, self-test, all of the foregoing, I just don't know. Dust off the crumbs, back to the routine.

The following graph from  suggest what this "should" look like, but without the vivid dreams.

I get hungry with high blood glucose, assuming insulin resistance is the cause of that one. The solution seems to be to not go there. Reference:

I seem to fall between the the hypoglycemic/hyperinsulimic and the prediabetic on this graph.

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