Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Purpose of Blogs

What is the ultimate purpose of blogs? What are they becoming?

I guess each blog has it's own purpose, or the purpose of the main author, a place to express their beliefs, values, feelings,  ...  at the time of writing. We are all works in progress. Our views change, migrate, morph; some matter, some do not. Buddha said something like test the belief, if it works, live up to it, if it does not work, move on. Many paths lead to one solution.

It is my view now that if we ask for comments, we must just absorb and ignore negative comments, not respond to them, unless they are obviously misinterpreting what we are saying. Then perhaps the best way is to explain more clearly what we are saying, recognizing that the other person is just as stiff, stubborn, inflexible in their view, and may not understand, nor want to understand or even consider what we are saying.

What does all this matter in the overall picture? Nobody cares. We are each just doing life without parole in our own lives, bodies, situations. It may be best just to ignore the shit and carry on blindly down our own path,  observing what others are doing, testing if it helps us or not, and keeping my comments to myself.

Mathematics and physics are the ultimate test. Put a number on the value, and watch it over time by recording and even plotting the results. Those who do not want to do this, can do as they please, it makes no difference to me. I can sit back and watch them flail. I feel no pain, and little empathy for those who are carrying on without looking around for a better softer way. The better softer way may be the straight and narrow. Patience, tolerance, compassion and understanding can only be applied to those who have stopped flailing, and are ready to learn what I can teach. It is up to them, then to evaluate what they have learned and make there decisions. What I intended to teach and what they learned may be very different. Such is life.

It is now obvious to me that there are many out in the blogasphere that are offering there services for a price. They each are giving away samples, some good samples, others just a taste, but not enough to tell if they have a solution of just the bait. Some only have the bait, some have the goods, but do not know why it works. Some have the goods, but do not know it, some just think they have a solution. The only test is the numbers and processes, some show progress, some do not.

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