Saturday, June 11, 2011

Low Carb Cult

Thanks Beth, for making me express this concept.

I have been in a benign weight related cult for many years, knowing it is viewed as a cult; hence, sort of understand cults, about as well as I understand nutrition.

Cult is the root of culture, but it has come to have a negative connotation. The pure concept of placing a social negative concept in a dictionary correct usage may be just questionable overstatement. Sometimes over-statement is the "only" way to express a concept. Some old guy (I do not recall who, perhaps Mach) said "if you want to understand something, study the extremes". (Maybe not Mach, he threw out science garbage of the day.)

We "low carb people" are a group of people who are going against the social norm, the early adopters of a concept, which we believe is correct, before there is blindly obvious reason to do such when viewed from conventional wisdom. Once we switch to the cult thinking, the obvious nature of our decision become blinding, and our natural desire to help people, to serve others takes over and drives us.

It is difficult to maintain this anti social stance without support. I rely on my fellows in this cult for the support.

Most new social concepts grow slowly from an idea or concept. It took the introduction of sugar at least 100 years to become unquestioned mainstream. We Low Carbers have been a disjointed fragment of society creating change, each person acting as a individual without unity. We need to unionize to be heard, to spread our message. Does that not sound like a cult?

Cults are merely groups of people with common concepts, memes if you prefer. Our obvious informal leader, Jimmy Moore, is a socially gregarious person with little previous knowledge in the field of nutrition, health, weight loss, medical issues, and has learned along the way. He brings the ability to communicate, to  listen and be heard. We rely on our experts, each in there own bounded field as we trip and trudge through life, stumbling along the way. Like most of us our education in this health field is disjointed, incomplete, sometimes working without knowing why, sometimes failing to work, much like government. 

But you knew all this, you are one of the converted. It is easy to preach to the quire. Perhaps we need an organization  set up along the line of  internet version of TOPS to carry our message in a more organized fashion. Of course, the organizer would need better English than I. 

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