Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seasonal Eating

Don at raises some issue with Paelo eating.
It has always been that eating was a seasonal thing, when something was plentiful, we the people, ate more of it, and less of other stuff.

Some was seasonal, but as a kid, I remember the year that we ended up with a lot of chickens for some reason. I think the old neighbor died, and his prepaid chick order came to us or something, but that year there were a lot of chickens. We ate chicken all fall, and canned, jared, jelled, chicken all winter. I was so sick of chicken. Chicken for breakfast, chicken sandwiches for lunch, chicken for supper, and next day, chicken for breakfast, chicken salad, chicken until it was done. Reminds me of the storey, How do you eat an elephant? -- one bite at a time.

Well anyway, in paleo time, I expect it was the same. When the crops were in season, mono food meals would have been common. Then for most of a year, it would not be available. Constant change, with a few all year around foods, but even those would be spared during other food plentiful seasons. Perhaps that is still necessary, but not being done due to storage and shipping of foods. Maybe I will do more of that, and see how it goes.

Now that I have chosen to ignore the governments guidelines, I am responsible for my own choices, but I always was. I just stopped listening to the experts and became a nutrition dilettante, but it is obvious that some of the professional information/advise is garbage. Or as Robb Wolf put it, Caca el torro.

Having said that my revised lifestyle food is sort of sorted, as is exercise by trying McGuff's system, next is pleasure, and amusements beyond exploring weight issues.

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