Monday, June 6, 2011

Understanding the problem

Dr Sharma's post today,, shows the understanding of some of the problem, without a clear solution. There are a different groups who have a partial solutions, each without a clear understanding of the total problem.

There is another side that must be looked at and that is excessive hunger. Each individual physical causes must be sought out and confronted before long term recovery can be assured.

Resentments are the number one issue for many of us. Any recovery program must include a big dose of self evaluation, resulting in a change of life style and thinking with respect to food, eating and all the ritual around weight. Our resentments toward others, and ourselves, must be examined. I have a resentment toward myself for not being able to follow a food program perfectly. OH well, shit happens. We need to look at our delusion, aversions, and attachments to foods and food behaviors as well as all our emotions and feelings. Judith Beck’s book makes a nice start in this direction.

We also need to have enough biochemistry and physiology to separate the myths about food from the real information. There is to much really wrong crap in the public media.

Dr. Sharma's series on surgery failures suggests that these fail for the same group of reason most diets fail, long term. That is lack of change in our thinking, attitude, intentions, and knowledge. We may need to adjust, our speech, actions and livelihood to adapt to the needed changes in our life to really deal with the food issues. This all will require a fair bit of study, and concentration to go along with the mindful efforts.

Keep up the struggle as we trudge the road to happy destiny.

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