Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butter Addiction Net Research


Pieces of milk and wheat proteins (peptides) can act like the body's own narcotics, the endorphins, and were described by Zioudro, Streaty and Klee as "exorphins" in 1979. Other food proteins, such as gluten, results in the production of substances having opiate- (narcotic) like activity. These substances have been termed "exorphins." Hydrolyzed wheat gluten, for example, was found to prolong intestinal transit time and this effect was reversed by concomitant administration of naloxone, a narcotic-blocking drug. Digests of milk proteins also are opioid peptides. The brain effects of exorphins may contribute to the mental disturbances and appetite disorders which routinely accompany food-related illness. The possibility that exorphins are addictive in some people is a fascinating lead which needs further exploration.
Another mechanism, similar to dependency on food-derived neuroactive peptides such as exorphins, would be a dependency on gastrointestinal peptides, released from the bowel during digestion. Deficiencies in the bowel production of regulatory addictive peptides, such as endorphins, would likely be associated with cravings and compulsions to increase food ingestion. Eugenio Paroli reviewed the peptide research, especially the link between food and schizophrenia. He suggested: "The discovery that opioid peptides are released by the digestion of certain food has followed a line of research that assumes pathogenic connections between schizophrenic psychosis and diet."

Even OZ says food addiction is real. Butter is one he lists.
Sorry: this reference is bogus, as I found after publication, but the effect is real if we believe other sources.

Pinterest lists addicting food receipts include all of my banned substances.

The solution is no butter, excess fats, just meal and vegetables including potatoes without fats. When I get to skinny, then I may relook at it if that is a word. Just like suctacular.

So these exorphins turn on our desire to eat, and are found in milk, milk products, and wheat. No diet needs them, once we are eating well. No adult anyway, unless underweight. When did I last see an underweight healthy person? several years I think.    


  1. My KerryGold butter contains 0.4 gm Protein and 80 gm Fat per 100 gms.

    100 ml Milk contains 3.3 gm Protein.

    Cheddar Cheese contains 23 gm per 100 gms.

    If you are worried about casomorphins, avoid milk and cheese- I suggest butter has a low content.

    I, myself, convert much of my butter to ghee, thereby leaving the lactose and protein behind.

    Recall Paracelsus: "The dose makes the poison" (or the exorphin).

  2. [shudder] don't forget that fats are essential to brain health!

    the thought of potatoes without added fat makes my esophagus clog up from mere imagination. i'd rather do as i do now, and eat NO potatoes.

  3. Tess: parboiled fresh potatoes are quite editable. Old potatoes a much less editable.

    LeonRover: The effect is there. After reviewing my food diary, the effect is there, but it is one meal late, making it less obvious. I will go no butter for a while.

  4. you never know what's gonna work till you do the n=1.... good luck!


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