Saturday, September 22, 2012

Primary rules of weight loss

It look to me that there are two primary rules of weight loss, that must be followed for weight loss to occur. When I was losing, I was following, but not knowing why, or even a clear statement of the rules.

First, that the intake of exorphins must be near zero. This reduces hunger and cravings, possible compulsions as well. Exorphins are a group of proteins, that break to peptides, that trigger the feel good cycle, or simple food addiction, reward cycle (negative expression), or what ever we call it. Dairy products, wheat, artificial sweeteners, alcohol,  chocolate, sugar, fruits are the typical. This leads to appetite reduction, longer satiety, quicker satiation. There are only three things to adjust, quantity of food, actual food (quality) and frequency of eating.

The second is like unto it, no or very little acellular carbohydrate, for they trigger the fast storage rather than free energy available for use. These include sugar, wheat, grains, pastas and the like. Small amounts of starch occasionally may not be an issue for some. This keeps insulin low.

After these two are followed, it is possible to eat less food than we actually burn. Transgress either of the above rules, and all I can say is "I wish you good luck". There may be some who can, I have not yet met them.

Many diet "do these rules" due to avoiding or severely limiting dairy, cereals, starches, and fruits. We may individual have threshold limits for each of these, but I doubt that many have a threshold less than zero.  I hope I will continue to lose again, as the hunger is gone on day three. 


Exo ( exogenous ) + endorphins ( endogenous moprphins ):
exorphins are the brain's opiates that's found in food, outside the body -- maily in gluten-rich wheat and dairy-products. They contain opioid peptides-influencing endorphin-receptors. These peptides are physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness. 
'Zombie food', is food high in exorphins that are responisble for food addiction and compulsive eating.

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  1. the hunger being gone, the hardest part is past! good luck!


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