Monday, September 10, 2012

Compulsion, Cravings Seperation

Dealing with the compulsion, living with it is not easy. Looking back on my life, it is the compulsion that was primary in my food issues, the other stuff came later. That is not to say that sugar addiction, wheat addiction, glucose storage high insulin, liking foods, constant pressure to eat from food pushing relatives, not knowing how to eat right, and the like were not factors, but underlying is a compulsion to eat.

In the 25 years that I have been actively fighting this issue beyond just diet, without understanding much it, I have learned a lot about food, and the issues. The cravings go for times, but the compulsion is always there, sometimes less strong, but always there. In following the AA program, it is suggested that there compulsion/craving goes away for many, but not all, suggests to me that there are two separate causes, one that remains and one that goes. I am going to call these craving and the more permanent one, compulsion.

If it is a true compulsion, just like a perversion of any kind, it is not likely to go away. We may be able to not act on them, aka not eat, but the compulsion will always be there, just waiting for the chance.   

Wrong information and misguided recommendations are everywhere. In the local rag today there was a article recommending sugar reduction, but suggests toast and processed oats as breakfast, both of which have higher GI than sugar. Duh. Oh well, Shit happens. 

Schwarts/Refocus only works when we are interested in what we are refocusing on. I have a engineering report to write, a bit of other work and a report to review, non of which I have enough interest in to displace the compulsion.  

How many other people deal with this kind of compulsion? Anyone get free of it? There are numerous other blogs of people who are living with the compulsion, and some that have recovered weight wise, but we are always on guard for the start of regain, and then it is a bitch to get back to the losing circuit. Ask Jimmy Moore, Sean Anderson, Jon Gabriel or any of the few percent of the population that deal with this on a daily basis, that are winning.

There are, in my mind, a multitude of causes of overeating, but my current battle is with compulsion, and that has been the major issue over the last regain since spring 2011. The carvings also came back for a while as did the hunger, but the solution for these is ketonic inducing level of calorie intake with little acellular carbohydrate. Protein must also be limited.

The compulsion response of eating raises intake to the point that insulin starts, and the insulin-fat storage-cravings cycle starts. Anyone that says the compulsion will go away may not be separating craving and compulsion. I will not believe until the compulsion goes away.


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