Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Organic anyone?

The media needs hype to sell advertising. It has nothing to do with facts. Wheat, grown without chemical fertilizer, is of a darker colour, and even has more flavour. Pigs can be raised on it without vitamins, minerals and antibiotics. But chemical fertilized wheat requires all three for hog raising.

Chemical fertilizer causes faster growth, more carbohydrate and about the same mineral and vitamin absorption. The nutritional density is higher. And then there is flavour, but if it is two day or a week old, all the flavour is gone anyway.

Pesticides are a different issue. Brassica, without pesticide is near hopeless. Other things are often deformed without it. It comes down to what can be sold, and is it profitable. Organic is labour intensive, and fresh, taste much different. If it is at the end of it’s shelf life, the taste is the same.

Everybody’s got an opinion. It just does not matter. Until we test it for ourselves, and it makes a difference in our life it is just noise.

But then, some people think sugar, wheat, grains, and manufactured oil produces are foods.


  1. you're so right.... just goes to show, you need to grow as much yourself if you can, if you want to eat it! ...and choose your seeds carefully.

  2. Good points. The press release I read yesterday wanted to talk about low nutritional advantage of organics and barely mentioned lower levels of chemicals. To me, buying "organic" is all about avoiding chemicals, pesticides in particular. They kill bugs, yet they are supposed to have a benign effect on people? It is absolutely abhorrent how much pesticide and herbicide use there is on our food crops. I know, they say it's all about the size of the dose that makes the poison. Does anyone know how big their dose was today? IMO eating pesticides and herbicides is like dishing up a plate of cancer.


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