Friday, September 7, 2012

Seperation got me thinking

How does one separate those that have a physiological problem from those who have a psychological problem with respect to food? and what about those of us that have both?

I was going to name Tom's Fat head, but that is just fuelling the cross contamination of two separate issues.

The physiological problem is much easier to solve. Start with a Paleo, primal, LCHF, Maffetone or similar real food diet, and see what happens.  If we have uncontrollable cravings, look at mineral and vitamin issues. Consider protein deficiencies, fat issues, appetite stimulating foods. If it is a compulsion urge, now what. OA/schwartz is the only relief/discussion of solution to the specific problem.

I can identify protein hunger as different from fat hunger (first pass gut hunger). Carbohydrates are no longer energy food for me. ( Taubes, Davis, others) I can separate cravings from compulsive hunger, but it is constant, frequent, and persistent. The solution does not remove the feeling/compulsion/ of the persistence. The solution is not acting on it. OA and others suggest that the obsession becomes less over time, but I have not found that to be the case. More disinformation. My reality is simple... eat and die, or resist and live longer miserably.

The main point is separation of cravings and compulsions.

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