Sunday, September 9, 2012

Separating Test

In a earlier post I questioned how does one separate physiological issue driven hunger from psychological issues. I suggest that a can of sardines may be the suitable test. One can of sardines should remove all physiological hungers. If the hunger remains, it must be psychological. (added later )Or Steve Parker suggests, a can of sardines, or three hard-boiled eggs.

Now separation of cravings and compulsion? mostly I feel cravings as a gnawing urge, while the compulsion is sharper, and harder to deal with. It is resistant to food... does not go away with sardines...

Emotions may be made wild by blood glucose variation, both the highs and lows. Rapid movements, jumping from one subject to the next,may be the result of burning sugar. Avoiding tough subjects, may be a simple reluctance to learn or fear of mathematics or science driven. As soon a calories or nutrition come up, some run.

Atwater through out half of his data. That likely says that half of the population need personal nutritional density numbers, perhap carbs = 5 C/gm, fats=7, P=4, or perhaps it is the 17% of fat burning that is obligated to go to heat that causes the problem. If a sugar burner does not need to make the heat, ie warm room, exercising, they are going to be more efficient. The ability of body to assimilate oxygen may also be the limiting factor, not production of ATP or muscle exhaustion. but I digress. Must be running on glucose. Potato last night. Bacon fried carrot with breakfast.


  1. A can of sardines, or three hard-boiled eggs.


  2. Um, I don't eat sardines since the Ry-Krisp camping years with my family of origin, and I couldn't eat three hard-boiled eggs in a sitting any more. Though I did eat a half-dozen regularly in a sitting at Easter during the compulsion years.

    Eggs, not sardines. It's a cat-breath thing.


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